Who Is Marnie Fausch Banks? Ex-Wife Of Jonathan Banks

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Who Is Marnie Fausch Banks? Ex-Wife Of Jonathan Banks

Marnie Fausch Banks is known mainly to be the ex-wife of Jonathan Banks. Jonathan is famous among many of us because of his acting. 

He is popularly known to be Mike Ehrmantraut in the series Breaking Bad.

Marnie Fausch Banks's ex-husband Jonathan Banks
Marnie Fausch Banks's ex-husband Jonathan Banks Source: Pinterest

Divorced After Two Years Of Their Marriage

Marnie was in love with Jonathan a long time ago. 

The ex-couple dated for years, and the news of their love was in the air during the 60s

After being in a relationship for some years, the ex-couple decided to get married. 

They had their wedding ceremony on September 9, 1968.

After two years of marriage without having any babies, the ex-duo divorced. 

They filed their divorced and officially got separated in 1970

Fans were very worried when they didn't disclose the reason for their divorce.

Jonathan Married After 20 Years Of His Divorce

After separating from Marnie, Jonathan fell in love with his current wife, Gennera Banks.

The couple dated for some time before getting married. 

After twenty years of his divorce from his first wife, Jonathan tied the knot with Gennera in December 1990 and became husband and wife. 

The couple has been together for more than two decades.

They welcomed their fraternal twin baby Claudio Jon Henry Banks and Rebecca Elena Banks after some years of marriage. 

They also have another daughter named Joanna Rae Banks Morgan. 

Joanna is their from Gennera's previous relationship.

Jonathan Banks with his wife Gennera Banks
Jonathan Banks with his wife Gennera Banks. Source: Pinterest


Her ex-husband Jonathan is 75 years old. He was born on January 31, 1947. He is 1.74 meters tall.

Net Worth

Her ex-husband Jonathan has a net worth of 5 million dollars.

Jonathan Talks About His Influencer

In an interview with Paul F. Tompkins in the show Speakeasy, Jonathan revealed how he got inspired to do what he is doing today. 

In the show, this popular actor Jonathan claimed that the first time he ever stepped into a theatre was in his home country Washington DC. 

Jonathan said Donald O' Conner singing was the first-ever influencer who made him feel to do something. 

Jonathan also talks about Anthony Quinn being one of the influencers influencing him to become what he is today. 

He said that he was at the end of his teens when he saw Anthony for the first time. 

Jonathan talked about the movie Anthony played where he helped an old prostitute who was dying and said he felt he wanted to be that guy after watching the play.

But at that time, more than being an actor, it was more like being the guy who was in character for him. 

He also revealed that the movie influenced him so much that he felt he just wanted to travel, so he traveled to the Greek island alone.

Jonathan Got Emotional At The 10th Anniversary Of Breaking Bad

During a reunion at the 10th anniversary of the popular series Breaking Bad organized by entertainment weekly. 

All the cast-like, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gun, Bon Odenkrik RJ Mitte, and Dean Norris, were together in the interview. Jonathan surprisingly got very emotional in front of everyone.

Jonathan said it's very painful to say that the show has been completed and it's over because the time the memory all the cast shared was beautiful. 

His eyes were filled with tears while talking about the journey. 

He was asked about how he and Bobby had started the show and how Bobby was very nervous about the show. 

He feels very good and lucky to be part of the series. Jonathan controlling his tears says he loves the character played and misses it a lot.

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