George Mizanin

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George Mizanin

George Mizanin is the father of an American professional wrestler, actor, and media personality, The Miz

He is an actor and has appeared in several television shows and movies such as WWE Smackdown, WrestleMania, and many more.

His son, The Miz's real name, is Michael Gregory Mizanin, and he was born in Parma, Ohio

He attended Normandy High School back in his days.

Michael dropped college to be a professional wrestler. 

Married to Barbara Pappas

George was married to Barbara Pappas. The couple welcomed their first child, son Michael Gregory Mizanin on October 8, 1980.

But the couple's marriage didn't last, and they ended their marriage in 1991

Their son was seven years old at the time of their divorce.

George was his ex-wife Barbara and son, Michael
George was his ex-wife Barbara and son, Michael  Source: YouTube 

After the divorce, his ex-wife married another person and has two children with him. 

About Son

He is the only child of father George with his wife, Barbara Pappas.

Michael's mom and dad
Michael's mom and dad  Source: YouTube 

He was a captain of a basketball team and also participated in swimming while attending Normandy High School.

Then he attended Miami University for a degree in business but didn't complete his university level.

He dropped out of college to appear on the reality television program "The Real World" in 2001.

His first appearance on the reality television program was on its 10th season and then appeared its multiple seasons.

He trained in the Ultimate University to pursue the goal of becoming a professional wrestler. 

In 2003, he debuted his career in-ring as The Miz.

He competed in UPW's Mat War Tournament. During his time in UPW, he made it into the finals but was defeated by his opposite opponent Tony Stradlin

In October 2004, Michael participated in the fourth season of Tough Enough, a television competition in which the award for the winner was a WWE contract and one million dollars. 

Michael reached the final round after completing with six other wrestlers. But unfortunately, he lost his final match with Daniel Puder.

In 2009, Michael appeared in an American quiz game show "Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?" for two episodes.

Son Married fellow WWE wrestler 

Michael married his long-time girlfriend, Maryse Ouellet. She is a professional wrestler, actress, model, and television personality.

The Miz with his wife Maryse Ouellet and daughters
The Miz with his wife Maryse Ouellet and daughters  Source: Instagram

In 2013, the couple got engaged, and on February 20, 2014, they tied a knot and became husband and wife in front of family and friends.

The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Monroe Sky Mizanin on March 27, 2018.

After the birth of their first child, the family moved to Austin, Texas

In February 2019, during the WWE's Elimination Chamber event, the couple announced that they are expecting their second child. 

On September 20, 2019, the couple welcomed their second child, daughter Madison Jade Mizanin

Happiness about not being a villain anymore 

George’s son The Miz gave an interview to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” where he talked about his wrestling, wife and his daughter. Miz started with his wrestling career, where he has been for many years. 

For the past 13 years, he has played as a bad guy in the wrestling who goes against the rule, does cheating on the match and becomes extremely rude with others. 

For that behavior, he has been hated by many people, and he was noted by the audience as a crook person. 

He also got many bad comments from the people, but that didn’t affect him at all. Then he did a show with his wife and that is Miz and Mrs show. 

He opened up that in his show, he is presenting himself as a good character, and because of that, he is getting good reactions from the people and getting love from them. 

He has a beautiful daughter, and he loves her a lot, and he thinks that she is the reason behind the new Miz. He also opened up that he had gone to the stores to buy new clothes so that he could wear them for that interview. 

His wife asked him to buy a new pair of shoes which was very costly, but he denied it because he knew that he would throw up that shoe in the rack after using it once. 

He came in that show with proper dress up with coat and pant which was an old one. He didn’t buy anything from the store. He also appreciated his wife sarcastically. 

After that, he talked about one of the matches that were about to happen with Dolph Ziggler, but he cleverly fixed the match of Dolph with Goldberg as his wife was pregnant.

Net Worth 

His net worth is unknown as his son The Miz's net worth is listed below:

 George Mizanin Michael Gregory Mizanin 
Net worth Unknown$14 million
IncomeUnknownprofessional wrestler, actor, and media personality

Age, Height, and Weight 

  1. His age hasn't been disclosed.
  2. His height and weight have not been disclosed.

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