Monroe Sky Mizanin

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Monroe Sky Mizanin

Monroe Sky Mizanin is the daughter of the renowned wrestler and media personality The Miz

She has a sibling named Madison Jade Mizanin.

Family of Monroe

Monroe was born on March 27, 2018, and she is the first daughter of The Miz

She comes from a famous and wealthy family. Her father’s real name is Michael Gregory Mizanin.  

He was born on October 8, 1980, and his current age is forty years old. He changed his name while starting his career. 

Monroe Sky Mizanin with her father, The Miz
Monroe Sky Mizanin with her father, The Miz  Source: Instagram

Monroe’s mother is American Canadian whose name is Maryse Ouellette. She is a professional wrestler, media personality, and actress. 

She was born on January 21, 1983, and her current age is thirty-eight years old. 

Monroe Sky Mizanin with her mother and younger sister
Monroe Sky Mizanin with her mother and younger sister   Source: Instagram

Monroe has one younger sister who was born on September 20, 2019. She is just one year old. 

Monroe is also close to her Granny. Her grandmother’s name is Barbara Pappas, and her grandfather’s name is George Mizanin

Monroe with her family on her dad’s birthday
Monroe with her family on her dad’s birthday  Source: Instagram

Learning New Words

Monroe is small, and she is yet to explore more words.

Her parents shared information online that she is learning how to pronounce the word Awesome

Her parents also shared that Monroe does not smile in front of the camera. 

They said that she would always laugh and smile, but she puts on her steely face when the camera is on. 

Monroe’s Nursery Room

Monroe also has her nursery room, and the room is filled with teddies, unicorns, and toys. 

Her room is painted on pink color. She also celebrated her first birthday in the same room. 

Her parents shared a beautiful room with people’s TV. Let her sleep because when she wakes up, she will move mountains on her pink wall. 

This message was asked to be written by Monroe’s dad. Monroe’s father believes that she is going to move mountains. 

She also has a crown in her room beside her bed. 

After asking her father why she has a crown, her mother replied that she is a princess and needs a crown. 

Monroe’s dad himself painted half of her room. 

Monroe with her mom and dad at her nursery room
Monroe with her mom and dad at her nursery room  Source: Instagram

Monroe Learns Swimming

Monroe’s hobby is swimming. She has yet to learn to swim.  

Her dad thought that lockdown would be a great time to teach his daughter swimming. So he decided to hire a coach. 

He invited Ryan Lochte to his house to teach her daughter swimming. 

Ryan is a six-time gold medalist Olympic champion. He is also a three-time silver medalist. 

The Miz thought that it would be perfect for teaching his daughter swimming. 

Monroe’s dad said that Ryan knows exactly how to teach small kids swimming. Monroe was also happy learning to swim with him. 

Her learning swimming was also included in The Miz and Mrs. Show. 

Monroe’s Halloween

Monroe celebrated Halloween 2019 with her parents and sister at her huge mansion. 

She was dressed like Mini Mouse and wore a pink princess dress and had a black and pink bow on her head. 

Her younger sister was also dressed like a young Mini. Her parents were also dressed like Disney’s Mickey and Mini Mouse.

Monroe’s Halloween celebration
Monroe’s Halloween celebration  Source: Pinterest

Daughters Taught Miz To Dance

The Miz, a well-known WWE superstar, gave an interview on The Ellen Show

In that interview, he talked about his dance-up participation and his daughter. 

The interviewer started the interview by saying that his kids are very close with him, and he appreciated him for being friendly with his kids. 

Miz then replied, saying that although his kids are close to him, they never say he is their favorite. 

Whenever he asks about their favorite superstar of WWE, they take others' names. 

Still, he was okay with it and explained that he always played a negative role in WWE and cheated during the match, so he understands why he is not the favorite of interviewers' kids. 

But the kids have massive respect for Miz. He then told about his daughters. 

He has two little daughters. One is two years, and another is three and a half. Her daughters are big fans of WWE.

Whenever he gets home, his daughters ask him to dance with them, and he can't say no to them. So he picks both of his daughters and dance with him. 

The Miz also says that her daughters are behind his big biceps as he always had to dance carrying them. 

He has a perfect body with muscles, and he does heavy workouts for that. 

Then the clip of his dance video was shown where he was seen doing Russian Split as he had participated in a show named Dancing with Stars

Back in his young days, he had no problems doing any splits, and as he is aging, he feels difficulty doing some splits and stretching. 

And it's painful for him.He said that he enjoys dancing and hopes to win the show. 

His wife is also a wrestler, and because of that, she understands him a lot and has been very supportive of him and his career. 

To know more in detail, do check the link.

Net Worth

Monroe is too young to be working. She has not even started her schooling. 

The net worth of her mother is $14 million. Her father’s net worth is given below:

Net WorthSources
14 million dollarsWrestler, media personality, actor, stuntman

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. She is three years old.
  2. She has a steely complexion.
  3. Her nationality is American.
  4. Her ethnicity is mixed of Canadian, American, Greek, and Romania.

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