Who Is Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere? Late Father Of Cher

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Who Is Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere? Late Father Of Cher

Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere is the adoptive father of Cher, an American singer and actress.

He was married to American singer Georgia Holt for a short time. Gilbert adopted her daughters with Georgia's ex-husband John Paul Sarkisian, Georganne Lapiere and Cher

 Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere's ex-wife and his two daughters.
 Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere's ex-wife and his two daughters. Source: Facebook

His Death

Gilbert was born in 1923 and worked as a bank manager.

He passed away in 2012 at around 88 years old.

Gilbert was a proud father of his daughter’s achievements, and their success brought him some popularity. 

Gilbert died due to a heart attack in his hometown of Oklahoma. His ex-wife, Georgia, died in 2022 at the age of 96.

 Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere's ex-wife and daughter.
 Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere's ex-wife and daughter. Source: Pinterest


Gilbert was born on June 29, 1923. He died at the age of 88.

Net Worth

His daughter Cher's net worth is about $360 million.

Cher Was Accused Of Kidnapping Her Son Elijah Blue Allman

Cher’s son Elijah Blue Allman and his wife Marieangela King were staying at a hotel in New York to work on their marriage in November as they had filed for divorce in 2021

However, four people came to their hotel room on their wedding anniversary and took Elijah away. 

Marieangela claims these men were hired by Elijah’s mother, Cher

Marieangela said that Elijah had been receiving medical treatment since August 2022, but she didn't know where he was and couldn’t contact him. 

She expressed concern for his well-being and whereabouts. Elijah is the son of Cher and the late musician Gregg Allman

He married Marieangela King in 2013, and they were both musicians.

Elijah has previously talked about his struggles with drug abuse and addiction, saying he started using drugs very young.

A lawyer named Christopher C. Melcher doesn’t think Cher will face charges because it doesn’t seem like a kidnapping. 

He believes if Elijah didn’t want to go, he would have resisted, and it would be hard to move someone from New York to Los Angeles without anyone noticing. 

  Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere's daughter, Cher.
Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere's daughter, Cher. Source: Instagram

Cher’s Son Elijah Battled With Lyme Disease 

Cher’s son Elijah Blue Allman has spoken about his brutal battle with Lyme disease and his strained relationship with Cher and his half-brother Chaz Bono

He mentioned that he didn’t receive the emotional support he needed from his mother during his illness. 

Elijah also said that Cher hadn’t expressed any opinion about his marriage, which had happened several weeks before the interview. 

Elijah’s Lyme disease was brutal for Cher to accept because some people didn’t believe it was real. 

He had to go to Germany for more aggressive treatment, and that is when he met his wife, Marieangela King

Despite the differences, Elijah didn’t criticize his mother and mentioned how Cher’s past boyfriend had influenced him positively as he didn’t have his father around. 

Elijah is in rehab for a heroin addiction, and there were concerns about his well-being before he entered rehab. 

Cher Lost Both Of Her Biological Parents

Cher's biological father is the late John Paul Sarkisian, and her mother is the late Georgia Holt, an actress and singer

They had a troubled marriage and divorced after having Cher

Cher and her father had a complicated relationship, and they became estranged. 

John even sued Cher over hurtful statements she made about him. 

John passed away in 1985 at the age of 58. Cher’s mother, Georgia Holt, also recently passed away at 96.

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