Who Is Gina Capitani? Mother Of Theo Von

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Who Is Gina Capitani? Mother Of Theo Von

Gina Capitani is the mother of comedian, podcaster, actor, and TV personality Theo Von.

She was married to Roland Von Kurnatowski. They were parents to their four kids altogether. 

Her husband passed away in 1996. She is of Irish-Italian descent.

Is Theo Married?

Theo is not married yet. He is not seeing anyone at the moment. 


Her son Theo is 43 years old.

Net Worth

Her son Theo's net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a comedian, podcaster, and TV personality.

Gina Capitani with her son, Theo Von.
Gina Capitani with her son, Theo Von. Source: Facebook

Theo Talked About Growing Up In The Black Community

Theo shared that he grew up in a rural area in Louisiana. He added there used to be many poor black people in his place.

He said he felt some disconnection between the white and black communities. 

He shared that he was a bit scared of them but fascinated with black people. 

He said he was not confident about himself while growing up, but the black kids were very sure. He added he used to look up to them. 

Theo Talked About Why He Started His Podcast

Theo hosts the This Past Weekend podcast and is a former co-host of The King and the Sting Podcast

He said he always wanted to do the podcast. He mentioned sometimes he feels demotivated to do anything, and even though he gets inspiration, he doesn’t put it into action. 

He shared that through podcasts, he could express things he was feeling, and he wanted to share his truth. 

He said he could understand the other ethnicities and know about the groups excluded from society. 

Theo Talked About His Background 

Von grew up in Louisiana with his three siblings. His father was Nicaraguan. He shared he had never lived in a redneck area, so he never resonated with their culture. 

He said he lived in the rural white area. And mentioned he had a lovely time growing up there. 

He shared that the place was excellent, the food was great, and he added people there used to hitchhike a lot. 

He shared that he has seen some wild things, like when he saw a man thrown into a fire. 

He said people used to bet on parents about how many children they have in the future. 

He said he came from a poor white family and had no such ample opportunity in his neighborhood. He added the rules and laws were not strict. 

How Did Von Get Into Stand-Up Comedy?

Theo's father was 70 years old at the time of his birth. He shared that his father was way old when he was a kid, so he used to joke about everything. 

He said he used to find it funny that his mom fell in love with an old guy without money. 

He was not happy with his life, so he wanted to create a different reality. 

He said he wanted to feel and be different. He tried to grab the opportunity to help him change his reality. So he started working on it. 

He said he used to imagine things. His father died at the age of 86, when he was 16, and after that, he started making jokes and developed a dark sense of humor. 

Is Theo Happy Being A Comedian?

Theo said being a comedian is interesting as it has an extended scope once you are successful. 

He shared he felt incredible when he got to the stage and performed in front of the crowd. 

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