Who Is Roland von Kurnatowski Sr.? Father Of Theo Von

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Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. is the late father of Theo Von, an American comedian. He married Gina Capitani, but their married life didn't last long.

About His Family

He was married to Gina Capitani, and their son Theo was born on March 19, 1980, in  Covington, Louisiana.

They have three children. Even though his family didn’t have much money, they gave their children a happy and stable childhood. 

Theo got interested in making people laugh when he was young. He started doing funny performances in local places like clubs and bars. 

Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr.'s ex-wife Gina Capitan, and their son, Theo Von.
Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr.'s ex-wife, Gina Capitan, and their son, Theo Von. Source: Facebook

People liked his jokes, and he became famous on TV, too. He made albums with his comedy, talked on podcasts, and appeared on TV shows. 

Theo’s dad had Polish roots, and his mom had German and French roots. 

They were a regular family, with his dad working with pipes and his mom being a teacher. 

Even though Theo was successful, he’s still down to earth and makes people laugh with his quick and unique humor. 


Ronaldo was born on 22 November 1912.  He died in 1996. He died at the age of  86 years old.

Net Worth

Theo's net worth is about 2.5 Million Dollars

About Son's Love Life

Theo dated Brandi Glanville for a short time in 2016. They met on a podcast where they talked and liked each other. 

They even appeared on each other’s podcasts. Theo said he was interested in Brandi, and they decided to try dating. 

But their relationship didn’t last long. They got close very fast, and things got intense. 

So, they decided to take a break from dating. Before Brandi, there were rumors that Theo was dating Coral Smith from a TV show called The Challenge.

People saw them together on a beach. But neither of them confirmed it, so the rumors went away. 

They are still friends and talk on Twitter. Theo also spoke about his first girlfriend from when he was younger. She used to surprise him with kisses. 

Theo's Return Of The Rat Tour

Theo is coming to Huntington, West Virginia, as part of his Return of The Rat tour.

The show will be at the Mountain Health Arena on Saturday, November 11, 2023.

Theo is a funny guy from Louisiana and well-known through shows like MTV’s Challenge/Road Rules. He won a comedy competition in 2008.

He even had his comedy special on Netflix called No Offense. 

He is also famous for his podcast This Past Weekend.

How Does Theo Make Money? How Rich Is He? 

Theo made his money by being a stand-up comedian, Podcaster, TV host, and actor. 

He also sells things, has a YouTube channel, and is a social media influencer. 

He got famous in 2000 from a show on MTV called “Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour.” 

He was on other reality shows and won or almost won in game shows, getting a lot of money as prizes. 

Theo started telling jokes on stage after being on MTV. He travels around the US doing comedy shows for months at a time. 

He did two comedy shows on Netflix, one in 2016 and another in 2021

He also hosted the Yahoo! Show from 2012 to 2014.

Theo has a famous podcast called This Past Weekend, where he talks with guests and shares his own stories. 

He’s had big names like Joe Rogan, Bert Kreischer, and Jordan Peterson on the show. 

Theo also makes money from his YouTube channel and online store, where he sells his stuff. 

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