Who Is Gina DeBose? Mother Of Ariana DeBose

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Who Is Gina DeBose? Mother Of Ariana DeBose

Gina DeBose is the mother of American actress, singer and dancer Ariana DeBose.

She is a teacher. Her husband is Puerto Rican. Gina belongs to the white ethnicity

She is an American by her nationality.

Gina DeBose with her daughter Ariana DeBose
Gina DeBose with her daughter Ariana DeBose Source: Instagram

Ariana's Relationship Status 

Ariana was in a relationship with Jill Johnson. 

Now, she is in a relationship with costume designer Sue Makkoo

They both met for the first time in 2017 at an event while working together. They then started dating each other. 

Ariana DeBose with her partner Sue Makkoo
Ariana DeBose with her partner Sue Makkoo Source: Instagram

Ariana Came Out As Queer

Ariana and her girlfriend Sue Makkoo are together now. 

Before that, she dated Jill Johnson, a stage prop expert. 

It was her first public relationship after she came out as queer. 

She revealed that she first confronted her grandparents about this matter, and after that, she came out to the public. 

She not only came out for herself, but she has also been representing the LGBTQ community from the day onwards on different occasions and events.

Gina DeBose's daughter Ariana DeBose
Gina DeBose's daughter Ariana DeBose Source: Instagram


Gina's daughter Ariana is 31 years old

Net Worth

The net worth of Ariana is $75 Million. Her main source of income comes as being an actress, dancer and singer.

Ariana Was Criticized

Ariana was reading the opening monologue on Saturday Night Live in 2022

But while reading, she said 2020 in place of 2022. 

By watching this, one of her haters criticized her for her mispronunciation. 

She then replied to that person saying that it was not easy to host the show. 

The hater then said that she was bad at reading and not qualified as an actor. 

Ariana didn’t stay quiet. She said, 'You are a troll. Bye' 

Although there were some haters, many of her fans appreciated her performance.

Ariana Had An Ice-Cream For Breakfast

Adriana won a dance competition hosted by cold store ice-cream when she was 15. 

The prize that she got was free ice cream for the rest of her life. 

It was an awkward prize that she got for winning the competition, but it saved her hunger many times. 

She revealed in an interview that when she first moved to LA, it was difficult for her financially. 

She was frequently running out of coffee, bread and peanut butter. 

She had no money to buy stuff for herself. 

She expressed that she went to the streets to have the free ice cream for breakfast, which saved her hunger many times.

Ariana Wants To Help Kids

Ariana was asked in an interview about a superpower that she would want to get. 

She then revealed that she wants the power to heal people. 

She expressed that she wants to cure sick people, especially kids. 

She wants them to be totally fine with one touch of her hand. 

Saying that she also expressed that she doesn’t want to be Jesus but wants to heal people and cure everyone she could.

Ariana Like Her Present Version

Ariana revealed in an interview that she doesn’t want to change in any way. 

As she is in the entertainment industry, she expressed that people around her change frequently. 

Being from the same industry, she hopes she never changes. 

It is because she likes present version of herself and the way she is now. 

Moreover, she also revealed that she is a punctual person. She hates when she has to wait and people are late. 

Even if she is late, she texts people waiting for her and apologizes for her late presence. 

She expressed that she hates it when people waste her time.

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