Who Is Ginger Feimster? Mother Of Fortune Feimster

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Who Is Ginger Feimster? Mother Of Fortune Feimster

Ginger Feimster is the mother of actress, comedian, and writer Fortune Feimster. She is married to Mike Feimster

They are parents to their three children, Price, Jay, and Fortune

Ginger Feimster with her ex-husband.
Ginger Feimster with her ex-husband. Source: Facebook

Is Fortune Married?

Fortune came out as gay in 2005. She met her wife, Jacquelyn Smith, in 2015, the day after same-sex marriage was legalized in all fifty states of the USA

After some time, they began dating.

Her partner was a kindergarten teacher. They got engaged in 2018. They tied the knot during the pandemic. 

They rented a seaside-facing house in Malibu and exchanged their vows with their closest friends and family via Zoom call. 

They are not parents, as they do not have kids together. Instead, they own a dog named Biggie, who was also a ring bearer at their wedding ceremony. 

Fortune Feimster with her wife.
Fortune Feimster with her wife. Source: Instagram


Her daughter Fortune is 42 years old

Net Worth

Her daughter Fortune's net worth is estimated to be $5 million

Ginger Feimster with her daughter, Fortune Feimster.
Ginger Feimster with her daughter, Fortune Feimster. Source: Instagram

Fortune Shared Her Experience Of Working With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Fortune worked with Arnold on the action-comedy spy series 'Fubar.' She said that it was exciting to work with him on screen. 

She said she had known him since she was in elementary school. 

She joked that he motivated students to focus on their physical fitness, and fitness was not a thing for her. 

She said he is a legend as he has done several movies over the years. However, Fubar was her first-ever television show. 

She added when they approached her for the show, she thought that they were looking for a computer guy with a headset. 

She said they had great chemistry on screen. She shared that she shot many action scenes with him and that they were always making fun of each other. 

Fortune Didn’t Invite Her Mom On The Set Of Fubar

Fortune said that her mother is a dainty woman, and she naturally tends to make things work for her and make other people do her stuff. 

She shared that she has two men behind her carrying her luggage and jacket when she goes to pick her up at the airport. 

Her mother didn’t come to the set of Fubar to visit her as she didn’t invite her to come. 

She said she was a bit worried as she likes action man, as Arnold would be on the set the whole time.

Fortune Shared The Story Of Coming Out Gay In Front Of Her Parents

Fortune shared that when she told her mother that she was gay, her mother was stunned to hear that. 

After giving that reaction, she told her that they were going to Hooters to have fun. Fortune was shocked to hear that. 

Her mother accepted her without question. She said that her father is a typical Southern man.

So when she spoke to him about her sexuality, he was very okay and didn’t give any dramatic reaction. 

Instead, he asked her if he could buy her a men's blazer and hat. She said that she was lucky to have such a supportive family. 

She said that her parents loved the way she was and wanted to be. 

Fortune Wanted Tom Cruise Cake For 2020

Fortune makes vision boards every year. 

In an interview, Fortune shared that she want everyone to watch her Special on Netflix, but apart from that, she tried to get a Tom Cruise coconut cake for 2020

She said she even talked about that cake on her Instagram, and everyone was surprised to know that. 

She said she googled about that cake and learnt possibly everything. So for 2020, she wanted Tom Cruise to send her a coconut cake. 

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