Who Is Mike Feimster? Father Of Fortune Feimster

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Who Is Mike Feimster? Father Of Fortune Feimster

Mike Feimster is the dad of an American actress, comedian, and writer Fortune Feimster

He was married to Ginger Feimster. He shared two sons and a daughter with Ginger. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Ginger Feimster with her ex-husband.
Ginger Feimster with her ex-husband. Source: Instagram

About Mike's Daughter Fortune

Fortune is a comedian, writer, and actress well known for her appearance in NBC's Cindy show Last Comic Standing

As of now, she has played Ruth in the series Fubar. She was born in the year 1980 to her parents. 

She grew up with her two older brothers, Jay and Price

Mike Feimster with his ex-wife and their daughter, Fortune Feimster.
Mike Feimster with his ex-wife and their daughter, Fortune Feimster. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Fortune 

Fortune is a lesbian by her sexuality, so she is married to a woman named Jacquelyn Smith. Her wife, Jacquelyn, is a kindergarten teacher. 

They started dating back in 2016, and two years later, Fortune proposed to Jacquelyn on a trip to Big Sur

In 2020, Fortune married Jacquelyn in an intimate wedding ceremony.

They don't share any kids but indeed are happy in their married life.

Fortune Feimster with her partner.
Fortune Feimster with her partner. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

His daughter Fortune is 42 years old. She has a net worth of $1.5 Million to $5 Million. 

Mike's Reaction To Her Daughter's Sexuality Reveal

Mike shares three children, two sons and a daughter, with her ex-wife Ginger. 

Mike and his ex-wife are close to their children, mostly with their daughter Fortune

His daughter often shares photos of Mike. In 2005, Mike's daughter came out as a lesbian publicly. 

His daughter shared about Mike's reaction when they found out about their daughter's sexuality. 

Mike's daughter came to him and said she was gay, and Mike responded to it, asking if Fortune wanted a men's blazer and top hat. 

He even told her daughter to come with him and buy a blazer and hat. 

When Fortune told her mother, she froze for a moment and then told Fortune to go with her to Hooters.

Fortune Received Hatred Comments For Marrying

Fortune married her wife Jacquelyn two years ago, and she happily announced their marriage news to the whole world. 

She was so happy sharing the news, but it didn't turn out like she thought. She got so many hate comments from people for marrying a girl. 

Fortune talked about it in an interview and revealed that living a gay life hasn't been easy for anyone till now. 

Thankfully she has been lucky that she didn't have to deal with much hatred as her fans and her family have been supported by her side. 

However, some people passed negative comments about her sexuality and marriage, which shocked her. 

She doesn't care much about it, but she got emotional when she saw people passing hatred comments.

Fortune's Marriage Was A Disaster 

Fortune talked about her marriage on her comedy show Special. 

She said that her wedding ceremony was nothing that she and her wife expected. 

Nothing was proper, and everything was a complete disaster. They used battery candles, and sadly they were out of charge. 

Also, the rose petals were everywhere on the floor, which was utterly senseless. 

When Fortune saw the petals everywhere, she felt like those petals were blown away by the wind through the window and landed there. 

Also, they had chocolate-covered strawberries placed near the fire, which caused the melting of chocolates, and it was dripping all over the floor. 

Everything was messed up, and Fortune got so upset and frustrated that she asked her partner if she wanted to marry. 

Luckily she said yes. However, their marriage ceremony was terrible.

Changed Her Name

Fortune's full name is Emily Fortune Feimster. Her birth name is Emily, but she later changed her name to Fortune after her grandmom's death. 

She shared a small story that when she was born, her grandmom wanted to keep her name Fortune because it was her grandmother's mom's name, Miss America.

But Fortune's mom wanted her name to be Emily and even told her that she would have to be Miss America to live up to that name which was quite upsetting for Fortune

When Fortune learned how badly her grandmom wanted her name to be, she changed her name after she died. 

She feels when someone calls her by her name that, her grandmom is still with her.

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