Glenn Tatum

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Glenn Tatum

Glenn Tatum is the father of famous actor Channing Tatum. Glenn was born on November 6, 1946, in the United States.

Family and Children

Glenn Tatum with his wife Kay Tatum.
Glenn Tatum with his wife Kay Tatum. Source: Instagram 

Glenn is a married man and his beautiful wife's name is Kay Tatum.

The couples have two children son Channing Tatum and a daughter Paige Tatum.

Glenn Tatum children Channing Tatum and Paige Tatum.
Glenn Tatum children Channing Tatum and Paige Tatum. Source: Pinterest

He used to work as a Constructor, and his wife worked as an airline worker.

They were not rich but provided everything necessary to their children. 

Even when they were out of money, they tried to find some money to provide the necessary equipment for their children. 

About Son Channing Tatum 

Channing was born on April 26, 1980, in Cullman, Alabama, the United States. He is the only son of the Tatum family.

He was never interested in schooling when he was a teenager. He went against his parents' wish by dropping out of school. 

He started working but, the pay was insufficient for him. So, he started dancing as a stripper in a nightclub. Soon a model agency in New York spotted him.

Son earned the title of "Sexiest man alive"

In 2005, Channing made his film debut with the drama film Coach Carter.

He became the co-star of the film "Dear John," which was released on January 24, 2010, and succeeded in capturing many people's hearts. 

In 2012 he was given the title "Sexiest Man Alive" by the People's Magazine.

He is also well known for his leading role in "Magic Mike."

Channing known for his dance moves 

He is a free-style street dancer who didn't take any training. He got the role in "Step Up" because of his natural talent.

Even the producer of Step Up said that his moves are like water. 

Another producer of Step Up also added that Tatum is one of the finest natural street dancers he has ever witnessed.

Channing Married Tatum'sJenna Dewan

While working for the film "Step Up." He met actress Jenna Dewan. Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum fell in love with each other in 2005.

He dated many girls throughout the year. But when he met Jenna, he felt that she was special.

After dating for almost three years, they got engaged in September 2008.

After almost one year of engagement, they got married on July 11, 2009, in Malibu, California.

After four years of marriage, they gave birth to their daughter Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum, on May 31, 2013.

Glenn Tatum son Channing Tatum with ex-wife Jenna Dewan and daughter Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum.
Glenn Tatum son Channing Tatum with ex-wife Jenna Dewan and daughter Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum. Source: Instagram 

Almost after ten years of being wedded, the couple announced their separation on April 2, 2018.

Six months later, Jenna Dewan filed for divorce. In November 2019, their divorce was finalized.

Son's Girlfriend Jessie J

Glenn Tatum son Channing Tatum with girlfriend Jessie J.
Glenn Tatum son Channing Tatum with girlfriend Jessie J. Source: Instagram 

In October 2018, Channing and Jessie J were spotted together. They both made public their relationship on social media.

The loving couple split after having an on\off relationship for more than two years.

Conforming that Tatum and Jessie J were not together longer. Jessie J posted mentioning "Single life" on Instagram on October 20.

Inspiration Behind Book

Channing Tatum gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight. There in the interview, he was congratulated for his new book Sparkella

He has made his name in the entertainment world by playing roles in movies, and now he has made his name by his books too.

His book became the New York bestselling book. Channing opened up about how his daughter became the inspiration for him to write the book and shared his experience of being a dad. 

He said that he had no idea how it feels to be a son's dad, but he surely knows how it feels to be the dad of a daughter. 

He has also mentioned that the best role he has ever played is being a father. He said that he was not the only person behind that book. 

Channing opened up that being a dad completely changed his life, and having a daughter was a wild experience for him.

As a dad, he is still learning many things, and the storyline for his book is based on the special day he had with his daughter.

He built a birdhouse with his little daughter, and that experience inspired him to write a book. 

He recalled the memory when his daughter came to him and told him she wanted to build a birdhouse. 

His daughter had set up whole things and was excited and ready to make a Birdhouse. 

He knew that the tools necessary for making a birdhouse were not there, but he didn't know how he would make her daughter understand that.

On the other hand, his little daughter was prepared for it. He said he had frustration, which required really hard work, but they somehow managed to complete it. 

It was the most creative thing he had done, and that special day with his daughter inspired him to write the book Sparkella.

Net Worth and Earnings 

Glenn's net worth is unknown, while his son Channing net worth is structured below:

 Glenn Tatum Channing Tatum (Son)
Net worth Unknown $80 million 
Income Unknown Actor, producer, Dancer  

Age, Height, and Weight 

1. Glenn is 74 years old. 
2. His height and weight are unknown. 

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