Kay Tatum

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Kay Tatum

Kay Tatum is the mother of American actor, producer, and dancer Channing Tatum. She's married to Glenn Tatum

Kay herself was an airline worker by her profession. Kay has two children with Glenn, one son Channing and one daughter Paige. Kay is American by her nationality.

Kay with her husband
Kay with her husband  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status of Channing Tatum 

Channing was married to Jenna Dewan previously. They have both known each other since 2006, after they first met on the set of a movie named Step Up

They both dated and got engaged in 2008. A year after their engagement they got married to each other. 

They have a daughter together. They stayed as a couple for five years and later got separated from each other.

Their divorce was legally finalized in 2019. After that, Tatum and Dewan both maintained their friendly relationship with each other to co-parent their child. 

As of 2021, Channing is dating Zoe Kravitz. They both spend a lot of time with each other.

Channing with his girlfriend Zoe
Channing with his girlfriend Zoe  Source: Instagram 

About Channing Tatum 

Channing is an actor, producer, and dancer born on April 26, 1980. His parents raised him with his sister in Cullman, Alabama, US

His parents moved to the USA with him when he was six years old. He first started his career as a dancer. 

He also worked as a model in the fashion Industry. After that, he started making his career in acting. 

He played his first ever movie in 2005. Some of his best films are She's The Man, The Dilemma, and White House Down

He is well known for his role in Magic Mike

Kay's Son Channing Struggles Led Him To Success 

Channing was not always a demanding and famous actor as he is now. While in the phase of struggling, Channing had worked in many places. 

He couldn't have imagined being an actor as he used to be a stripper. Not only that, but he also worked as a mortgage broker.

Not only this, he used to be a caretaker for puppies in Nursery. He loved the job as his only task was to play with dogs and provide them with the necessary medicine and all the requirements for puppies' well-being. 

After working in many professions, he ended up being a model and eventually became an actor.

Kay Tatum with her son Channing Tatum
Kay Tatum with her son Channing Tatum  Source: Instagram


Her age is not available. However, her son is 41 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Channing is $80 Million. His source of income is acting, and dancing. 

The yearly income of an American actor is $40,860 per year.

Channing Failed To Keep Her Ex-Wife Happy

Channing was married to Jenna Dewan. They both shared five years of their life and also have a daughter together. 

They got divorced in 2019. Channing's ex-wife opened up about the reason behind their separation in her book. 

She realized that things were not going well between her and Channing, affecting her and her daughter. 

She gave on her relationship with Channing a night before she started doing World of Dance Season 2

After splitting with her ex-husband, she started being happier and embracing herself than she ever did in her life. 

She is now with another man, and she opened that she is surrounded by positive people, which makes her too happy.

Channing Injured His Groin

Channing is one of the most loved actors who has a lot of popularity. Back in 2015, when Channing was shooting, he badly injured his groin, which got him to burn in his penis. 

He opened up about this in an interview. He and his whole cast were in Scotland for the shooting of movie The Eagle

It was freezing there, and people were trying to keep themselves as warm as they could. He opened up that people were putting warm water inside their pants to protect them from cold. 

He injured his groin when one of his cast members gave him hot water to pour under his pants, but he forgot to tell him that it was too hot. 

He injured his groin by pouring that hot water inside his pants, and because of that, he doesn't have skin in his penis. 

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