Grace Nickels- Emma Roberts Sister Dating?

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Grace Nickels- Emma Roberts Sister Dating?

Grace Nickels is the half-sister of an actress and singer Emma Roberts.

Parents and Siblings

In January 2001, Grace was born as a youngest child in the hands of father Kelly Nickels and mother Kelly Cunningham.

Kelly Nickels is a musician, and her mother, Kelly Cunningham, is an actress.

Grace Nickels father, Kelly Nickels
Grace Nickels father, Kelly Nickels  Source: Instagram 

She also has a famous half-sister, actress Emma who is ten years older than her.

Baby Gracie Nickels with her mother and half-sister Emma Roberts
Baby Gracie Nickels with her mother and half-sister Emma Roberts   Source: Instagram 

As born in a celebrity family, ever since her birth, she got all the spotlight at a young age. 

About sister Emma Roberts 

Emma was born on February 10, 1991, in Rhinebeck, New York, United States.

Her father, Eric Roberts, is an actor, and her mother, Kelly Cunningham, is an actress. Her half-sister Grace is only the sibling of Emma.

Grace Nickels with her half-sister Emma Roberts 
Grace Nickels with her half-sister Emma Roberts  Source: Instagram 

Her aunt is also a famous actress Julia Roberts who is known worldwide. She was also inspired by her aunt and soon started an acting career.

At the age of nine, she debuted her acting. She came to prominence for her acting roles in the popular TV series Unfabulous, shown on Nickelodeon

Unfabulous lasted for three long years. She also sang the soundtrack in Unfabulous.

Her TV project role in Screen Queen gained much success. Not only from TV projects, but Roberts also succeeded in comedy films.

Not only was her acting praised. She was equally praised for her amazing voice and singing power.

Her singing talent was equally. In the same year, she also provided her voice for the soundtrack in the film Ice Princess produced by Disney.

Mother's Failed Relationship 

Kelly Cunningham and Eric Roberts had love affairs for several years. 

The couple was in live-in-relationship also. The couple has one daughter, Emma together.

Back when Emma was still a child, the couple separated. 

Emma Roberts father Eric Roberts
Emma Roberts father Eric Roberts   Source: Twitter

Afterward, Kelly married Kelly Nickels, and Eric married Eliza Garrett.  

Her mother's relationship with her father also didn't last long. They separated when Grace was a child.

On & off relationship of Sister

After working in the film Adult World together, she started dating actor Evan Peters back in 2012

Their relationship was a complicated one. They started having regular arguments, and physical abuse started.

But the couple got engaged in 2014 even after having trouble in their relationship from time to time.

The couple had several ups and downs in their relationship for more than seven years. Then in 2019, the couple ended their relationship forever.

Is Emma Roberts married?

Back in 2019, after breaking up her engagement with seven years of love, Evan Peters. She started dating actor Garrett Hedlund.

After being together for one year, the couple gave birth to their first baby Rhodes Robert Hedlund back in December.

The couple is not married yet but enjoys their life as an unmarried couple with their baby boy.

Grace Nickels sister Emma Roberts with her son Rhodes Robert Hedlund
Grace Nickels sister Emma Roberts with her son Rhodes Robert Hedlund  Source: Instagram 

Instagram War With Mom 

Emma gave an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show where she talked about her pregnancy and her mom. 

Jimmy praised Emma for glowing, and he told her that she didn't look like she was going to have a child. 

Emma was giving this interview virtually, and just by looking at her face, no one could tell that she was pregnant. She then stood up and showed her baby bump. 

After that, Emma opened up about people asking her weird questions in her pregnancy days. She said that a woman came to her and told her to pop it out. 

She then replied to that woman, saying that she still got some months left for her baby's birth. Jimmy found that thing very rude. She was also questioned about walking during her pregnancy. 

Emma said that she kept it very low-key while she got pregnant, but her mom accidentally revealed it to the public. 

She wanted to keep her pregnancy news off the public, but her mom revealed it through her Instagram

Emma then explained the whole story and said she regretted gifting her mom an advance phone. She was using the flip phone, which had no camera. 

It was just a burner phone, and Emma's friend asked her why her mom was using such a phone till that date. So she decided to gift her mom an iPhone. 

Her mom then started using Instagram, and she was okay with that. At first, her mom had only 100 followers, and slowly she gained 1k followers, which were her fans. 

Her mom then got DMs from her fan; she thanked everyone who congratulated her on Emma's pregnancy, and that is how her mom revealed about her pregnancy. 

Emma said that her mom even got catfished by one person who created a fake account of Jackson

She was in a fight when she heard about what her mom did, and she got mad, but she could not do anything at that time. 

She even blocked her mom and said that she and her mom were having an Instagram war.

Net Worth and Earnings

Grace salary is around $100 thousand, according to published sources. 

Her net worth is estimated between $1million-$5 million. As per her famous sister Emma's net worth is structured below:

 Grace Emma 
Net worth Between $1 million $5million $25 million
IncomeInfluencerActress, singer

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. She was born on January 16, 2001, United States. Her current age is 20.
  2. She has average height and weight.
  3. As from her sister's Instagram post, Grace loves drawing and traveling.

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