Kelly Cunningham

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Kelly Cunningham

Kelly Cunningham is the mother of the Hollywood actress Emma Roberts. 

She is also better known as the ex-partner of actor Eric Roberts

Kelly Cunningham with her daughter Emma Roberts
Kelly Cunningham with her daughter Emma Roberts  Source: Instagram

Relationship with Eric Roberts

Kelly was in a live-in relationship with Eric Roberts. His full name is Eric Anthony Roberts. He was born on April 18th, 1956

He is a famous Hollywood actor. He has also received Golden Globe Award and a nomination for the Academy Award for best supporting actor

He is the older brother of actress Julia Roberts. Eric Roberts is of English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, German and Swedish descent.  

Kelly and Eric are blessed with one daughter. Her name is Emma Roberts.

She is also one of the most charming faces of Hollywood. Eric and Kelly got separated when Emma was a small baby. 

A Vintage picture of Kelly Cunningham and her daughter Emma Roberts
A Vintage picture of Kelly Cunningham and her daughter Emma Roberts   Source: Instagram

Married to a Musician

After her live-in relationship with the Hollywood actor, she got married to a musician named Kelly Nickels

Kelly Nickels is a bassist who has played for various bands, including Sweet Pain, Faster Pussycat, and L.A. Guns. 

He was born on January 5th, 1962. He is from Montauban, France. He moved to the USA when he was only two years old. 

He lived in Georgia most of his life and later moved to New York. He sings and plays the bass guitar. 

He has written some hit songs such as The Ballad of Jayne, nothing better to do, only to leave again, and so on. These songs were written by him when he was on the band named L.A Guns

He remained in the band throughout their commercially successful period. He later left the band in 2000

He is also the founder of the clothing line Montauk Salvage Company

They have a daughter together named Grace Nickels. She was born in 2001

Here is the photo of Grace from her Instagram

Kelly Cunningham daughter Grace Nickels
Kelly Cunningham daughter Grace Nickels Source: Instagram

Her Divorce

Kelly Cunningham and Kelly Nickels got divorced after some years of marriage, but the reason for their divorce has not been revealed. 

Their pictures have also not been disclosed. However, they are co-parenting their daughter Grace

Bad with Technologies

In an interview of Tonight's show of Jimmy Kimmel, Emma Roberts said that her mother has a hard time using her cell phone and social media. 

She joked in the interview, saying she is bad with technologies and has difficulty adapting to them. 

She also noted that it was the worst decision for her to buy an I-phone for her mother.

However, she is active on social media like Twitter and Instagram. She uploads throwbacks pictures of herself and her daughters Emma and Grace

Emma Blocked Kelly

Emma Roberts shared that she blocked her mother on Instagram because she announced her pregnancy through her Instagram account, but she forgot to tell her mother about the pregnancy. 

She blocked her mother so that she could say her personally.

She said that her mother would be furious at her for not telling her first. Emma also states that she was on a plane and she could not call her mother. 

So not to mess up the surprise, she blocked her mother on Instagram.

She said this was something hilarious. She also added that it would be a great funny story to tell her unborn grandchild. 

Kelly's Hesitation

Emma wanted to become an actor from an early age. On the other hand, Kelly never wanted her daughter to be an actress. 

She did not want her daughter to spend time on shoots and sets. Emma used to look to her aunt Julia Roberts and wanted to become like her. 

Kelly used to spend most of her time watching Julia on the sets. This was one of the reasons why she always wanted to become an actress. 

Kelly was hesitant at first, but she agreed with her daughter for her enthusiasm and passion for the work.

Net Worth

The career and profession of Kelly Cunningham have not been revealed. Her net worth is still unknown because she is a normal citizen. 

But the net worth of her daughter is structured below:

Net worthSources
$25 millionActor, model, voice actor, singer

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. Kelly's age, height, and weight have not been revealed.
  2. She has dated many famous personalities.
  3. She has two daughters.
  4. Her nationality is American.

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