Who Is Grace Olyphant? Sister Of Vivian Olyphant

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Who Is Grace Olyphant? Sister Of Vivian Olyphant

Grace Olyphant is the elder sister of actress Vivian Olyphant. She was born in 1999. Her parents are Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief

Her grandparents are John Vernon Bevan Olyphant and Katherine Olyphant.

He has two siblings, Henry and Vivian. She has got a degree in Business Administration from California Polytechnic State University

She also played NCAA D1 tennis from 2017 to 2019. She is an assistant stylist for Wayman and Mich. She works for the Butterfly Club now.

Beautiful Grace Olyphant.
Beautiful Grace Olyphant. Source: Instagram

Grace's Father Is A Big Movie Star

Grace's father, Timothy, is a well-known actor in Hollywood. He made his acting debut in 1995

He has been in several movies and TV shows. He got into the limelight after he played the role of Sherriff Seth Bullock in Deadwood

His performance in Justified has helped him to garner many critics' attention and accolades. 

Grace Olyphant with her parents.
Grace Olyphant with her parents. Source: Instagram


Grace is 24 years old

Net Worth

Her net worth is not estimated yet. But her father's net worth is $20 million.

Grace Olyphant with her friend on their graduation day.
Grace Olyphant with her friend on their graduation day. Source: Instagram

Vivian Is Making Her Debut With Justified

Vivian is cast in the American drama series Justified: City Primeval. She is playing the role of Willa Givens

Her father had been part of the show for like six years. She is playing the onscreen daughter of his father's fictional character. 

The father-daughter duo is finally set to share the screen. 

David Andron and Michael Dinner, who are the makers of the show, were skeptical about casting Timothy's daughter for the show at first, but they said that when she gave her audition for the role, she was great, and they were excited to see her work with her father. 

Vivian said that she had not watched Justified. She said it was extraordinary to see her father work. 

Her parents also agreed with the show makers as Vivian was on her summer break from college. 

They thought it would be an excellent job for her during her break.

Grace Olyphant's sister, Vivian Olyphant.
Grace Olyphant's sister, Vivian Olyphant. Source: Instagram

Vivian's Father Shared His Experience Of Working With Her

Timothy said that she was happy that her daughter was in the show Justified, but it was not that exciting for him. 

He said that he wouldn’t recommend anyone to work with their kids. 

He said that over the years, he has earned some reputation in the industry, and someone newcomer to work with him feels intimidated and nervous. 

He said they cast one person who is not nervous around him as he is her dad. 

He said she was too comfortable with him. He said it was a strange feeling working with her daughter. 

He shared it was hard for him to give her suggestions as she would shove him off and tell him to stop. 

He said he is so frank and straightforward with him. He said sometimes he had to whisper to her ears to stop talking to him like that. 

He said he had worked in the show for many years, and no one talked to him like that. 

He said it was a terrible feeling. He also shared that it was a great experience working with her. 

He appreciated her daughter's hard work. He said he was not surprised when she got cast after her audition. 

Vivian Organized A Popularity Contest On Set

Since Vivian was working on the same project as her father, she played a popularity contest on set. 

She did a poll on set about who was more popular her or her father. 

She wrote Who is your favorite Olyphant on the board and put her and her father's names to pick. 

In an interview, her father said he lost by a huge margin. Her father got only one vote.

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