Who Is Henry Olyphant? Brother Of Vivian Olyphant

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Who Is Henry Olyphant? Brother Of Vivian Olyphant

Henry Olyphant is the brother of American actress Vivian Olyphant

He was born to his parents, Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief.

His grandparents are John Vernon Bevan Olyphant and Katherine Olyphant.

He is an American citizen by his nationality. He has two sisters, Vivian, and Grace Olyphant.

Vivian and her siblings came to the spotlight because of their dad Timothy Olyphant.

Parents of Henry Olyphant.
Parents of Henry Olyphant. Source: Pinterest

About Henry's Sister Vivian 

Vivian is an actress well known for his appearance in the movie Justified: City Primeval

She was born in the year 2003

Henry Olyphant's sister Vivian Olyphant.
Henry Olyphant's sister Vivian Olyphant. Source: Instagram

Vivian Worked With Her Dad

Vivian played in her dad's movie Justified Primeval. She played the role of her dad's daughter in that movie and had to go through an audition. 

She did a great job, and her dad Timothy enjoyed having her, but her dad revealed that he would not suggest any other actors have their daughter work with them because it was bizarre. 

His daughter was not nervous on the set, and sometimes she behaved like she was in her house. 

As an executive producer and actor himself, Timothy had to whisper in his daughter’s ear, telling her she couldn't talk to him in that way. 

That was the disadvantage of having to be on the set with Vivian.

About His Father Timothy 

Timothy Olyphant is an American actor

He is popularly known for his role as Altieri in the movie Scream 2 and for playing Rod Reyes in the series Daisy Jones and The Six

His mom Katherine and dad, John Vernon Bevan, raised him in California

Henry Olyphant's parents and sister Grace.
Henry Olyphant's parents and sister Grace. Source: Instagram

Parents Married Life

Timothy is married to his wife, Alexis Knief. They met each other when they were in college. 

Shortly after learning about each other, they started dating. They were very young when they got married. 

Timothy shares three children, a son named Henry and two daughters named Grace and Vivian

Timothy and Alexis are pleased with their married life. 

Age And Net Worth 

Henry was born in 2001, and his current age is 22. His father's has a net worth of $20 Million

Timothy Was A Mischievous Kid

Timothy recalled his teenage day in the interview with Conan O'Brien

He talked about his college reunion and remembered what a brat he used to be in college. 

He used to do unnecessary stuff like driving cars up and down, calling up people to ask directions, and then hitting them with the fire extinguisher. 

Not only that, he and his friend also made a dummy with newspaper and walnut. 

They kept in the garage and then took it to the streets, beat it, and then left it off on the road so that a car could run over it because of the walnut. It sounded like bone breaking, which scares the hell out of people thinking that they ran over some pedestrian.

Timothy's Son Enjoyed His Gaming Voice

Timothy did the voice-over in the game Call of Duty. His son Henry was very young when he did that. 

He and his wife had managed to discipline their kids on their own except in drinking cases, and because of that, when his son asked him for the game, he couldn't say no and got the game. 

His son enjoyed his voice so much that he became obsessed with the game. 

The game was full of violence, and as Timothy did the voice-over, he felt like he was commanding his son to do that violent stuff as his voice in the game commands him to shoot. 

He gets asked by people if the violent game is suitable for kids or not, and he gets speechless because he had his little son playing a game full of gunshots, and he was the one who commanded him to shoot.

Timothy Got High On Weed

Timothy shared his weed story in the interview with Conan O'Brien. He opened up that he is not a big-time weed smoker. 

Since his youth, he has been active in sports and hasn't smoked much. But there was one time when he got high. 

He was in Austin with his brother for their work, and they just hung out for the whole day, enjoying the bands and having a good time. 

Then later, when he and his brother were sitting backstage, some people offered them weed first, which he denied, but when the man said it was Willie Nelson's weed, he agreed to smoke. 

He thought he could take it but was so strong that he got high. He sat down on the lawn and started feeling great about him being a celebrity.

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