Who Is Gracie Elliot Teefy? Half Sister Of Selena Gomez

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Who Is Gracie Elliot Teefy? Half Sister Of Selena Gomez

Gracie Elliot Teefy is the half-sister of American actress, singer, and producer Selena Gomez. 

Both of them have same mother Mandy Teefey. They have different fathers, Selena was born to Ricardo Joel Gomez whereas, Gracie was born to Brian Teefey

She was born in 2013 and had her birthday on June 12.

She is a media personality. She is Italian-American by her nationality. 

Gracie Elliot Teefy's parents, Mandy Teefy, Brian Teefey and half-sister Selena Gomez.
Gracie Elliot Teefy's parents, Mandy Teefy, Brian Teefey and half-sister Selena Gomez. Source: Pinterest

Sister Relationship Status

Back in 2008, Selena dated singer, Nick Jonas. After dating for a year, they decided to end their relationship. 

She then had an on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber from 2010 to 2018

During that time, she dated DJ Zedd and The Weeknd for a very short time. 

In 2017, she was dating The Weeknd, but after a month, they got separated. 

Gracie Elliot Teefy with her sister Selena Gomez.
Gracie Elliot Teefy with her sister Selena Gomez. Source: Instagram


Her age is nine years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Selena is $85 million. Her source of income is actress, producer, and singer. 

Selena Keeps Herself Away From Social Media

Selena is a very famous singer and is loved by everyone. 

She is also seen posting many things on her YouTube channel and Instagram. 

But the truth is she is not the one who posts things on her social media. 

Selena opened up in one of the interviews that she has successfully maintained to keep herself away from social media for more than four years. 

She said that she kept herself away from social media as she felt it was not good for her mental health

She loves using the TikTok app and made tons of videos over there. 

Besides dancing and singing on TikTok, she loves cussing, and she enjoys making new TikTok reels. 

Selena realized that skipping social media has drastically changed her life and has helped her become more positive.

Best Friend Saved Selena's Life 

Back in 2014, Selena was diagnosed with Lupus, and because of that, her kidney got affected. 

Both kidneys got failed, and she struggled a lot to find a new one to replace them. 

She suffered from depression during that period, but luckily, her best friend Francia Raisa donated one of her kidneys to Selena

Selena was with Francia when she broke down and started crying, and that was when Francia knew about Selena’s kidney failure. 

After knowing about Selena's kidney, Francia started all the necessary tests and got ready to donate Selena one of her kidneys. 

After the kidney transplantation, Francia was insecure about her health, and her mom was also unsure about her decision. 

Thanks to Francia, Selena got a new kidney, and her life was saved

Selena Solving Cases 

Selena has now shown her appearance in the Netflix series Only Murders

When she got called for that show, she got interested in it as she loved true crimes. 

She opened up about how she and her mom went to Crime Con. 

At the Crime Con, she was let to work with the people and solve the open cases. 

She and her mom worked with the forensic team and met and talked with the family members too. 

She said that her mom was much better than her. 

She was there taking all the necessary notes and opened up about how horrible she was at it that she felt by herself when she was there.

Did Justin Emotionally Abuse Selena? 

Selena was in a relationship with Justin Bieber, and they dated for a long time. 

They had an on-and-off relationship, and it was known that Selena's ex Justin was emotionally abusive towards her. 

While they were dating, everything was going well, but later, there was news of Justin dating another woman despite being in a relationship with Selena

They had a big fight, then they broke up but reunited later. 

After reuniting, Justin was seen with prostitutes and another woman which completely broke Selena's heart. 

Selena has written songs related to her situation, and through that song, it's clear that Justin harassed Selena emotionally. 

They have now parted ways and are living better life separately.

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