Who Is Graham McTravish's Wife? How Much Is His Net Worth?

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Who Is Graham McTravish's Wife? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Graham McTavish is a Scottish actor and author. He is well known for his role-play in the drama House Of the Dragon

He was the son of his parents, Alec and Ellen McTavish. He was born in Glasgow, UK

Parents of Graham McTavish.
Parents of Graham McTavish. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Graham 

Graham is currently married to his wife, Gwen Isaacs.

The couple has two daughters together named Hope and Honor McTavish

Graham and his wife are private about their relationship, so nothing is known about their marriage. 

Graham McTavish children.
Graham McTavish children. Source: Instagram


Graham is 61 years old. His height is 1.89 m. 

Net Worth 

Graham's net worth is $8 Million. His source of income is actor and author.

Shooting In Jungle

Graham shared her experience of his while he worked on his movie Rocky

He said that the movie's shooting was wholly done in a jungle. 

The trailer of his that movie looked very scary and brutal. It happened because they shot in the jungle. 

It was hard work, and they had to shoot for 14 hours straight every day. 

He did get uncomfortable working there. While shooting that movie, Graham felt very dirty and got creepy filthy vibes, but he couldn’t do anything as it was in the jungle. 

He also said that he also got scared while shooting, but the overall experience of him shooting in the jungle was a great thing for him, and he enjoyed it. 

Thai background is shown in his movie, which makes his movie more intense and exciting.

Playing Bad Character

In many series and movies, Graham has shown his appearance and is best known for his performance. 

Graham had role-played in the movie The Preacher. In that movie, he is seen playing a negative role. 

That movie is based on a comic book franchise, and he is a bad guy over there. 

He said that he always looked at people in a good and bad way, but the exciting part of that movie was that every character had good and bad sides. 

Graham plays the role of a bad guy who just keeps on killing people. 

The character he played in the movie lost his whole family, and the only motive of that character was to take revenge, and because of that anger and venges, he kills many people. 

His character is unstoppable, and he will do everything until he doesn’t get what he is searching for.

Showing Real Scotland

Graham had worked in the series Outlander for a long time. 

Being originally from Scotland, he is connected to the root of the country, and hence he has played a similar series that shows the real Scotland to the world. 

He gave an interview expressing the same things to BehindTheVelvetRope.TV

He was wearing a cultural dress from Scotland in the interview as well. 

It was a typical dress worn during the ton parade. People think that the kilt dress is uncomfortable and is cold for winter. 

But what Graham revealed was that the dress was actually really comfortable, and it was made for any kind of season. 

The kilt keeps the body warm in cold seasons, whereas, in the hot season, it provides proper ventilation as well.

Representing Women Sexuality

Graham, in an interview, revealed that his series Outlander had brought a lot of new things to the TV series' history. 

He hinted that the series would be too edgy in the coming episodes. 

At the time, nudes and sexual, especially on TV series, were seen less and were not approved. 

But for his series, they claimed that the sexuality of a woman is shown in a fascinating and positive way. 

He also talked about how surprised the series fans would be after watching the final episodes, as it was sexually exposed in a great way.

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