Who Is Gwen Isaacs? Wife Of Graham McTavish

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Who Is Gwen Isaacs? Wife Of Graham McTavish

Gwen Isaacs is a film producer, writer, and director. She is mostly known as the wife of Graham McTavish

Her husband is a Scottish actor. The couple has two daughters, Honor McTavish and Hope McTavish. She is from England, but she grew up in New Zealand. 

Gwen Isaacs's husband Graham McTavish and daughters Honor McTavish and Hope McTavish.
Gwen Isaacs's husband, Graham McTavish and daughters Honor McTavish and Hope McTavish. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Gwen is happily married to Graham

They have been married for more than three decades.

They are blessed with two kids and are a family of four. 

They share two beautiful daughters.


Gwen is 51 years old as she was born in 1971

Net Worth

Her husband's net worth is estimated to be $8 million. He has managed to earn this net worth from his acting career.

He has also collaborated with many luxury brands. 

He is a very smart person and has made many investments, and he is also into real estate. 

He charged around 150,000 per episode for the show Outlander.

Gwen Isaacs's husband Graham McTavish
Gwen Isaacs's husband, Graham McTavish Source: Instagram

Graham and Sam Heughan Talked About Their Scotland Trip

Graham and Sam met while filming Outlander. The pair went on a Scottish adventure to show off their homeland. 

They spend a lot of time driving around Scotland on the road in a van. They had a great time traveling together. 

They had a love-and-hate relationship. 

Sam said that Graham used to be grumpy early if he did not have his coffee. 

Sam forced Graham to do adventurous things. 

Graham said that he thought he knew his homeland well, but he got many surprises while traveling. 

He explored many beautiful locations, met many beautiful characters, and experienced things he had never imagined. 

They did sword fighting, tasted whisky, and did much adventurous stuff while traveling.

Graham And Sam Took A Friendship Test

Graham and Sam played a quiz to find out how well they knew each other. 

When they were asked about their first meeting, they clearly remembered the day they met. 

They met each other in London in Soho. Sam was auditioning for a part in the show Outlander.

Then McTavish walked in. He was wearing a pink sweater, cap, and scarf. They know each other birthdays too. 

We learned that Sam's middle name is Roland and Graham's middle name is James

Graham's go-to drink is white wine, and Sam loves whiskey. They know each other very well. 

They almost answered every question about each other correctly. 

They shared their favorite scene they filmed together. 

They got to know each other while filming for Outlander. They know absolutely everything about each other.

Graham Talked About His Complex Character In The Preacher

Graham played the role of the bad guy in the movie The Preacher. He discussed his character. 

He said that his character had to face tragic incidents in his life. He lost his family. 

There is a good reason that his character is taking vengeance. 

He revealed that the place where they shot had got a Northern Caribbean European vibe

The production was first based in Mexico, and later, they shot in New Orleans

The place had interesting historical architecture as well.

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