Greg Paul

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Greg Paul

Greg Paul is one of the YouTube sensations. He has a total of one hundred seventy thousand subscribers on YouTube

He has over five hundred ninety-seven thousand followers on Instagram. His full name is Gregory Allan Paul.

He is best known for being a father of actor, YouTuber, boxer Logan Paul, and Jake Paul.

More about Greg and his Family

He was born on October 28, 1963. He was born in a place called Ohio, Westlake. His birth sign is Scorpio.

He was married to a woman named Pamela Ann Stepnick Paul

They both are legally separated. They do not live together now, but they have been spotted together on few YouTube videos of their sons.

Pamela has her own YouTube channel named VlogMom. She has a total of seven hundred fifty thousand subscribers on her channel. 

Greg Paul ex-wife Pamela Ann Stepnick Paul
Greg Paul ex-wife Pamela Ann Stepnick Paul   Source: Instagram

She used to work as a registered nurse at the UHHS Westlake Surgery Centre. 

She has also worked in several other medical centers as a certified nurse. She is quite popular on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram

She has a total of four hundred and eighty thousand followers on Instagram

Pamela and Greg have two children named Logan Alexander Paul and Jake Joseph Paul.

They both are popular YouTube stars. Jake Paul has twenty-one million subscribers on YouTube with a total of seven billion views. 

He has also won show creators awards.

On the other hand, Logan Paul has over twenty million subscribers on YouTube with seven billion views. 

Greg Paul children and ex-wife
Greg Paul children and ex-wife  Source: Instagram

Pamela married for the second time to a man named David in 2004

Greg’s life before and after YouTube

He used to work as a realtor and commercial roofer before his YouTube journey. He still has his license as a realtor. 

After watching his son’s success through YouTube, he created his Instagram account and started uploading small vines. 

He gained followers immediately. People liked his vines because of his humor and ability to make people laugh.

After gaining fame through vines and Instagram, he launched his own YouTube channel in 2014 named Vlog Dad Greg Paul

He started his channel with his son’s old videos. He stated uploading Logan Paul’s high school football career highlights. 

He then uploaded Jake Paul’s surfing and many other interesting videos. 

The ability to present videos and connecting those videos with a different sense of humor managed him to grasp views on his channel. 

Controversy of Greg

In the year 2018, Greg was involved in a controversy where the group of hackers revealed that they have videos of Greg involving in sexual behavior with underage girls. 

The hackers claimed themselves as digital hackers. The obstacles started appearing when those self-proclaimed digital hackers hacked Greg’s social media platforms.

Those hackers contacted him and demanded tons of money in return for his accounts. 

He convinced them to return his accounts without any payment. He offered a contract and told them that he could hire them and positively use their skills. 

On the other hand, hackers got furious on not receiving any payment, and thus they leaked a sex tape and claimed that the person in the video was Greg

The video was not clear, and the person was not detectable. Later on, he recovered his channel and told his views that all those allegations were false. 

The next controversy was when he was on one of the videos of his son’s vlog. 

The brothers blinded the girl and made her believe that she was kissing one of the brothers. 

Greg Paul was the one who kissed the girl. This video was all over the internet, and the viewers were furious about them tricking a young underage girl into kissing an old man. 

A picture of Greg kissing an underage girl
A picture of Greg kissing an underage girl  Source: Instagram

Net Worth

The net worth of Greg is given below:

Net WorthSources
$1.5 million - $5 millionYouTube, Instagram

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. He is fifty-seven years old.
  2. His weight and height are not disclosed.

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