Who Is Hassan Hakimi? Father Of Achraf Hakimi

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Who Is Hassan Hakimi? Father Of Achraf Hakimi

Hassan Hakimi is famous for being the father of professional Moroccan football player Achraf Hakimi.

Hassan Hakimi with his son, Achraf Hakimi.
Hassan Hakimi with his son, Achraf Hakimi. Source: Le360 Sport

Wife And Children

Hassan is married to Saida Mouh. The couple got immigrated to Madrid, Spain, from Morocco.

Hassan and Saida gave birth to Achraf, including his two siblings. Achraf’s parents were from Morocco, but they were in Madrid when his birth took place. 

Achraf has a younger brother and younger sister, Nabil Hakimi and Ouidad Hakimi. 

Achraf Hakimi with his mother Sauda and sister Ouidad.
Achraf Hakimi with his mother Sauda and sister Ouidad. Source: Twitter

Married Life Of Achraf

Achraf is married to Spanish actress Hiba Abouk. The couple started dating each other in 2018

Besides having an age gap of 12 years, they got married to each other in 2020.

Achraf and Hiba have given birth to two sons. Their first son Amin was born in 2020, and their second son Naim was born in 2022. 

Achraf Hakimi with his wife Hiba Abouk.
Achraf Hakimi with his wife Hiba Abouk. Source: Instagram

Age And Net worth

The age and net worth of Hassan are under review. His son Ashraf age is 23 years old. 

His son's net worth is estimated to be $14.6 million

He was paid an amount of $58.7 million while signing a five-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain on July 6, 2021

His monthly salary is estimated to be $1 million per month.

Introduction Of Achraf 

Achraf was born on November 4, 1998, in Madrid, Spain

He is a Moroccan professional player by profession who has been playing for the Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain since 2021 and the national team of Morocco since 2016

He is a right-back and full-back player by position. 

The Initial Period Of PSG Was Incredible For Achraf 

Paris Saint-Germain was the champions of the Ligue 1 title in 2021.

Achraf had appeared in the Ligue 1 match from the respective club with a win in every match, which was a positive impact in his initial period of career at PSG. 

He said that the playing system of the club was good, and the communication with his teammates was very comfortable, which let him gain more confidence. 

It wouldn’t be a worse start of the season for him without a trophy, but he was hoping for it. 

Football Is Not Just A Job For Achraf 

In an interview, Achraf said that he loves football, and this has served him well. 

When he was younger, he used to give most of his time to football. But today, he practices with his teammates. 

Playing with teammates is fun for him because they compete with each other for who scores the maximum goal between each other and he shows the same strategy in professional matches to score more goals and increase his accuracy. 

Football Is A Responsibility But Not A Pressure 

Achraf plays in a defensive and offensive position, so he got questioned about his position and whether it is pressure for him to carry two different responsibilities. 

He said that it was a responsibility just than a pressure. He has to do his best on the attack as well as in the defense so that the team would trust him. 

He is not only there for the attack but also as a defender. He is expected to defend and get back the ball and help the team in defense, said Achraf. 

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