Who Is Saida Mouh? Mother Of Achraf Hakimi

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Who Is Saida Mouh? Mother Of Achraf Hakimi

Sadia Mouh is famously known to be a celebrity mother. She is the beloved and beautiful mother of Achraf Hakimi.

Achraf, whose full name is Achraf Hakimi Mouh, is a professional soccer player who contributes his football skills to French Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Morocco national team

She follows the Muslim religion.

Sadia Mouh's husband, Hassan Hakimi and son, Nabil Hakimi.
Sadia Mouh's husband, Hassan Hakimi and son, Nabil Hakimi. Source: Instagram

Her Married Life

Sadia married her beloved husband, Hassan Hakimi, many years back. 

The couple is originally from Morocco though both were born in Madrid

After the couple moved to Spain, they gave birth to one of three children, Achraf

As Achraf is already in his twenties, we can say that Sadia and her husband Hassan have been together for more than two decades. 

Sadia Mouh with her son, Achraf Hakimi.
Sadia Mouh with her son, Achraf Hakimi. Source: Instagram

How Many Children Does Sadia Have?

After getting married to her loving better half, the couple was blessed with three children. 

They have two sons and one daughter. Both of their sons are soccer players. 

Achraf is already known and popular among many people, whereas the other son Nabil Hakimi is giving his best and is on the way to being one of the best, just like his brother.

Their daughter Quidad Hakimi is a trendy figure on Instagram.

She has more than 239k followers on her Instagram account and has currently posted more than 15 photos.

Children of Sadia Mouh.
Children of Sadia Mouh. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Sadia's exact age is unknown, but according to some sources, she is in her fifties

Her son Achraf is  24 years old. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. Just like defined by his zodiac sign, he is a determined, ambitious, and brave man. 

Sadia's net worth is unknown, but her son Achraf has 12.8 million pounds

Sadia Is A Grandmother Of Two Grandchildren

Sadia's son Achraf was in a long-time relationship with his beloved and beautiful girlfriend, Hiba Abouk.

Achraf Hakimi with his partner, Hiba Abouk.
Achraf Hakimi with his partner, Hiba Abouk. Source: Instagram

She is a Spanish actress who is 12 years older than Achraf. The couple is already blessed with two children, which makes Sadia their grandmother. 

Their first child is Amin Hakimi.

Amin was born on the 11th of February, 2020. He is a 2-year-old kid. The couple recently celebrated his birthday.

They welcomed their second child in 2022. The couple has decided not to disclose their face, due to which their children's faces in the photos they have posted are blurred.

Achraf Celebrated Eid With PSG-Paris Saint-Germain

In an interview fun segment with PSG-Paris, Saint-Germain Achraf played some football-tasting game with his fellow mate. 

His friend was tasting all the food and was telling him where the dishes were originally from, and he was correcting him if he was wrong. 

They had an enjoyable time. In the segment, Archaf said he had Ramadan so that he won't taste the food. 

Both of them wished all the viewers Eid Mubarak and completed the segment.

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