Who Is Helena Mentzel? Mother Of Idina Menzel

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Who Is Helena Mentzel? Mother Of Idina Menzel

Helena Mentzel is the mother of American actress and singer Idina Menzel. She was married to her former husband, Stuart Mentzel

She got divorced in 1986. She shared two daughters. Helena herself was a therapist. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Helena Mentzel's ex-husband and their daughter.
Helena Mentzel's ex-husband and their daughter. Source: Instagram

About Helena's Daughter Idina 

Idina is an American actress and singer.

She is famously known for a Broadway musical and acted as a voice actor for Elsa in the animated musical movie Frozen

She was born 1971 to her parents and had her birthday on May 30th. She has a sister named Cara

Helena Mentzel with her daughters.
Helena Mentzel with her daughters. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Idina 

Idina is married to her husband, Aaron Lohr. They met in 2005 and worked together in the movie Rent

They started dating after Idina got divorced from her ex-husband. They got engaged in 2016, and a year later, they happily tied the knot.

Before Aaron, Idina was married to Taye Diggs, whom she met in 1995, and 2003 they got married. 

They did work together on a few movies. In 2009, Idina welcomed her first child with Taye named Walker

Their marriage lasted for a decade, and in 2014 they got divorced.

Idina Menzel with her husband.
Idina Menzel with her husband. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her daughter Idina is 52 years old. She has a net worth of $16 Million.

Idina Wears Her Son's Shoes

In the interview with Kelly Clarkson, Idina talked about her son and said that her son doesn't find her cool enough despite her being such a prominent actress. 

Her son doesn't even prefer watching her series. Idina's son has made it clear that she cannot say the word drippy. 

Her son is into fashion and basketball, and he keeps saying that drippy word, but when Idina said that word, her son claimed that she couldn't use that word. 

Also, she and her son had the same shoe size, so she wore her son's sneakers to pick him up from school. 

She was lazy to get upstairs and wear her shoes, and then she saw her son's Yeezy sneakers, which she gifted him on X Mas

So she wore those shoes without socks. 

When her son noticed Idina wore his sneakers, he made a face, asked how she could wear his shoes, and told her how expensive it was.

Idina Broke Her Ribs

Idina is well known for playing the wicked witch role in the series The Wizard of Oz

In the interview with James, she shared her story of how she ended up getting in hospital. 

Idina was shooting for the final episodes of The Wizard, and every day, she had to go down through the elevator stage, so same thing she had done on her last performance. 

She dressed as the witch and stepped into the elevator, but the automation people made a mistake, so the stage elevator went down.  

When she stepped in, she fell from five feet and got her ribs broken because of falling. 

She was then pulled up by the team and was taken to the hospital in her witch get-up.

Idina Was Called Insensitive

Idina gave an interview to Kelly Clarkson's interview

In the interview, she said she started her singing career by singing at weddings. 

She had to lie about her age to work with many adult people singing at a wedding at midnight. 

She said she was 18 to get the job and drove illegally to Long Island with her junior license. 

While singing on the stage, she had an incident, and one man had a heart attack. 

She stopped singing and told her band leader, but he told her not to stop. She was feeling bad, but she kept singing. 

Then the bride came to her and told her to stop singing and called her insensitive. 

Idina was hurt, so she went near the table and started crying, stuffing her mouth with chocolates.

Idina Sang During Labor

Idina is a very talented actress as well as a singer. 

She has been singing for a long time, and because of her singing habit, there have been so many moments when she ends up singing instead of screaming. 

She tries to scream; however, her voice note turns her screaming into singing. 

She also revealed that during her labor, she sang instead of screaming and also opened up that if she were in the car and saw any problem, she would sing and say what's wrong instead of calling. 

Not only that but even during her basketball practice with her son, her voice sounded like a singing note.

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