Who Is Stuart Mentzel? Father Of Idina Mentzel

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Who Is Stuart Mentzel? Father Of Idina Mentzel

Stuart Mentzel is the father of singer and stage performer Idina Menzel. He was born in 1933 in New York City

He used to work as a pajama salesman. He died in 2010 in New York City

He was married to Helena Mentzel, who used to work as a therapist. Idina's parents got separated in 1986. They shared two daughters, Idina and Cara Mentzel. 

Stuart Mentzel's wife and their daughters.
Stuart Mentzel's wife and their daughters. Source: Instagram

Is Idina Married?

Idina is happily married to Aaron Lohr

Her husband used to be an actor, but now he is a clinical director at the mental health and addiction rehab center at Avalon Malibu

She was married to Taye Digges for a decade before she got married to Aaron

Idina and Aaron have known each other since 2005, as they were working on the same movie. 

There are no details on when the two got reconnected. They kept their romance away from the spotlight. 

They publicly appeared as a couple in 2015 at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner

They got engaged in 2016 and tied the knot in 2017. Their wedding affair was very intimate. 

They exchanged their vows in the backyard of their home in front of close family and friends. Idina has a son from her previous marriage.

Idina shared that Araron is a good stepdad and gets along well with her son. 

Idina Menzel with her husband.
Idina Menzel with her husband. Source: Instagram


His daughter Idina is 52 years old

Net Worth

His daughter Idina's net worth is estimated to be $16 million

Idina Loves Going To Disney

Idina said that she does not find it weird to go to Disney. She shared that they make her take photos with Elsa and Anna when she is at Disneyland. 

She mentioned she feels very uncomfortable as she wants to talk to them casually, and they tend to be in their character no matter what. 

She said she tries to be calm, talk to them, and ask them stuff, but they stay in their character as it's their day job. They would probably get fired if they broke their character. 

She shared she did not intend to break their character. She just wanted to be calm and talk to them usually. 

Idina Wrote A Book With Her Sister

Idina has a younger sister named Cara, an elementary school teacher and writer. 

They worked together on a kid's book named Loud Mouse, which is about celebrating one's talent. 

She said she used her sister's expertise in language and literacy in the book. Her sister wrote all the lyrical and poetic stories. 

She said that she was the inspiration behind the Loud Mouse

How Does Idina Overcome Her Performance Anxiety?

Idina said the most nerve-wracking part before performing is the three seconds before the curtain rises. 

She said that she has messed up sometimes while performing because she got so many things on her head. 

She added that the older she gets, the more she becomes unstable. She mentioned that being a mother has helped her to overcome her nervousness. 

She said she learned it's okay if she missed one high note or didn't perform well. 

She added she need not force her to be perfect every time. 

Idina Once Peed While Performing

Idina shared that she used to do eight shows a week. While performing, she used to drink a lot of water. 

So, she peed in one of the shows while singing on stage. She said she wore opaque black pants underneath the big gown. 

She handed her urine-stain tights to her best friend and returned to the stage to perform. 

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