Herwig De Bruyne – Meet Proud Father Of Kevin De Bruyne

by Pragya Thu Apr 25 2024 Updated On Mon Apr 29 2024
Herwig De Bruyne – Meet Proud Father Of Kevin De Bruyne

Herwig De Bruyne is the father of Belgian professional footballer Kevin De Bruyne. He is a businessman and is the owner of the Herwig Oil factory.

He is a Belgian citizen by nationality. 

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Herwig De Bruyne with his son Kevin De Bruyne
Herwig De Bruyne with his son Kevin De Bruyne. Source: Instagram

Married life of Herwig 

Herwig is married to his wife, Anna De Bruyne. He met Anna when she worked in his oil factory. Anna was the petroleum engineer at his factory in the 80s

They fell in love and tied the knot shortly after being together. When Herwig married Anna, they were both 18 years old. 

They welcomed their son when Kevin in 1991 and then a daughter named Stephanie De Bruyne.

Herwig De Bruyne with his wife Anna De Bruyne and son Kevin De Bruyne
Herwig De Bruyne with his wife Anna De Bruyne and son Kevin De Bruyne. Source: Twitter

Age and Net Worth

Herwig’s age and net worth are unknown. But his son Kevin, who is currently 32 years old, has a net worth of $75 Million. His source of income is football. 

Herwig always believed in his son

Herwig‘s son Kevin is one of the best players in the world. His son started playing football when he was very young. 

Herwig has always seen Kevin being obsessed with football since he was just a boy and it made him really happy to see Kevin knowing what he wanted since he was just a little boy. 

Herwig and his wife always supported Kevin and they believed that Kevin would make a great career in football. 

However, they never imagined that Kevin would go this far. 

Herwig’s son has now achieved massive success in his life, and he is happy that his son Kevin’s hard work paid off. 

Herwig’s son was abandoned? 

Herwig’s son Kevin has been interested in football since he was a kid. He left his house to play football at a very young age and joined Gent FC

There, the young players were sent to foster homes, so Kevin and the other two players were also sent to live with a family. 

As a child, Kevin was very quiet and shy, and while living with his foster family, he caused them no problems at all. 

His foster family made him feel at home, fed him, and took care of him. 

Kevin was happy living with them, but when Kevin returned to his real parents, he found out that his foster family didn’t like him. 

His mom broke the news that his foster family did not want him back and told them that Kevin was too quiet and hard to interact with. 

The family had problems with Herwig’s son’s behavior, so they abandoned him. 

Herwig’s son loves Manchester United? 

Herwig talked about his son in an interview and said how much his son Kevin loves his current team. 

Kevin joined Manchester United in 2015, and since then, he has been playing for the club. 

He is now the captain of the team, and as a dad, Herwig knows that his son is genuinely happy in his current club. 

Herwig said that Kevin loves everything about the club and the city. 

As a kid, he didn’t speak much, but when it came to football, he was beyond everything and everyone. 

Herwig feels really proud as a father to see his son living a life that he dreamed of achieving so many great things in his life, and seeing Kevin happy with what he does makes him even happier. 

Who is his son married to?

His son, Kevin, is happily married to Michele De Bruyne. They exchanged wedding vows in 2017

Through their marital bliss, they are parents to three adorable children. They welcomed their firstborn in 2016 and named him Mason Milian

Their second born was also a boy who was born in 2018 and they named him Rome De Bruyne

Their third child was a daughter whom they named Suri. She was born in 2020.

Herwig De Bruyne son Kevin De Bruyne with his wife Michele De Bruyne and children
Herwig De Bruyne son Kevin De Bruyne with his wife Michele De Bruyne and children. Source: Instagram
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