Who Is Hugo Wilson Dallas? Son Of Josh Dallas

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Hugo Wilson Dallas is the son of actor Josh Dallas. His mother is Ginnifer Goodwin, who is also an actor. 

He was born in 2016. His birthday falls on June 1st. He has one siblings Oliver Finlay Dallas. He is the youngest of two. 

Parents Married Life

Josh is happily married to Ginnifer Goodwin. They met while working in the fairy tale drama Once Upon A Time in 2011.

They were playing the love interests of one another on screen, and soon the romance started off-screen too. 

Dallas later revealed that he fell for her naturally. However, he was married to Lara Pulver before she met Ginnifer.

They got divorced in 2011. Josh proposed to Ginnifer in 2013, and on April 12, 2014, they tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony. 

They welcomed their firstborn in 2014.

Parents of Hugo Wilson Dallas.
Parents of Hugo Wilson Dallas. Source: Instagram

Feeling Lucky To Be Raised In New Albany 

Josh gave an interview on the Jennifer Hudson Show, where he talked about his birth, parents, and holidays. 

Josh started the talk show sharing his wonderful experience that he got to love in Elton John’s concert. 

He went to the concert with his wife and had an amazing time. It was Elton’s last concert in the US. 

According to him, Elton sounded better and wonderful even at the age of 75. He and his wife had a great experience attending the concert. 

Josh personally loves music and concerts. He then revealed that holidays begin very early at his home. His wife, Gennifer, starts decorating Christmas trees and setups very early than others. 

He also admitted his love and appreciation for Jennifer Hudson and demanded for a holiday song. 

Jennifer never released a holiday song, but she did promise Josh that she would come up with a holiday song someday. 

He talked about his birthplace and said that he was born in Kentucky, but he was raised by his parents across an Ohio River town called New Albany, Indiana. 

He feels so great to be raised in New Albany and feels lucky to attend the public school there. 

His school had great art programs passionate teacher, and his school is the reason that got him interested in acting. 

He also got a chance to go to London, where he received an offer for acting trained himself. 

He still has family over there, and as he loves being there, he often visits the town where he grew up.


 Hugo Wilson is six years old.

Net Worth

His father, Josh's net worth is estimated at $3 million.

Who Did Josh End Up Being In England?

Josh is originally from Kentucky. He grew up in a town called New Albany, Indiana. 

He said he attended a public school with an outstanding performing arts program. 

He said he got interested in acting because of that. He was performing in drama and theatre in school, and scouts from London invited him to come there. 

So, he went to London, where he trained for three years in a big drama school. He said he did a lot of theatres back then. 

Josh Returned To TV With The Show Manifest

Manifest is a supernatural TV series aired in 2018. Josh is the lead cast of the show. 

The show became the number-one show on NBC. He said that the show's storyline is very complicated as the disappearing plane lands five years later. 

He said the show's storytelling was tremendous, and he was grateful to be part of such a show. 

He shared that when he read the script, he was immediately interested in it as the story was unique. 

He said the story was based on something big that was real.

Josh Talked About Filming Without His Wife

Josh and his wife worked together on the fantasy adventure drama TV series Once Upon A Time from 2011 to 2018.

In an interview, he said it was hard for him to work without his wife as she is not just the love of her life but also a phenomenal actress. 

He mentioned that working with her was like going to school, and he would always miss that. 

He said he had the best time working with her. However, he added he was adjusting to working without her. 

Josh Discusses His Character In Manifest

Josh plays the role of Ben Stone, the passenger on the plane who goes missing for five years. 

Ben is a mathematician by profession. His character is a devoted husband and father. 

But the world is entirely different than what he had left five years before. 

His character goes on a search along with his sister to solve the mystery. 

Josh Was Thinking Of Taking A Year Off From Acting

In an interview, Josh revealed that he thought he was taking a break for a year. 

He wanted to reset and come back with new energy. However, he said he didn’t expect Manifest to go around. 

But when he read the script of the show, he was completely sold when he reached page five. He wanted to be part of the show badly. 

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