Oliver Finlay Dallas

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Oliver Finlay Dallas

Oliver Finlay Dallas is the son of American actor Josh Dallas. His mother's name is Ginnifer Goodwin. 

He was born in Los Angeles, California. He has a younger brother named Hugo Wilson Dallas

Oliver is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Relationship Status of Josh Dallas

Josh was previously married to Lara Pulver. They both met in 2003. At that time, they were working together. 

After some time, they fell in love and started dating each other. After dating for some time, they got married in 2007

They stayed as husband and wife for 3 years and later divorced each other. They had no kids together

John  is currently married to Ginnifer Goodwin. His wife, Ginnifer, is an actress. They both started dating in 2011

They met for the first time on the set of their show named Once Upon a Time. They worked as a co-star in that movie. 

After that, they fell in love and began dating. After two years of dating, they got engaged with each other. 

A year after their engagement, they got married. Dallas and Goodwin gave birth to their first child after a year of their marriage. 

They named him Oliver Finlay. They welcomed their youngest son Hugo in 2016

Parents of Oliver Finlay Dallas
Parents of Oliver Finlay Dallas  Source: Instagram

About Josh Dallas

Josh is an American actor who was born on 18 December 1978. He played his first movie in 2011 in the movie Thor.

He is well known for his role in TV series named Once Upon a Time.

After that, he earned fame and public attention from his role play in drama series named manifest

He had shown his appearance in some great movies like Zootopia, Red Tails and Thor

He is married to Ginnifer Goodwin and has two sons with her.

Oliver Finlay Dallas with his father and brother
Oliver Finlay Dallas with his father and brother  Source: Instagram


He was born in 2014. Her current age is seven years.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Josh is $3 Million. His source of income is acting. 

His yearly income is estimated at $480,000 per year.

The Renewal Of Series "Manifest" Revealed By Josh

Manifest is one of the top Netflix series. It is one of the most liked series by the audience. 

The bad news for Manifest fans was that due to a pandemic, the series got stopped. 

Josh in 2021 shared the post where he wrote that manifest is badass, and the tweet went viral. 

People started presuming that the show would start again, and people were hyped up. 

The show did start again, and not only fans and audience but Josh, along with his co-actors and crew, are also extremely excited.

Josh Dallas Stepped Out From The Movie

Josh has been seen in the superhero movie created by marvel named "Thor.

Thor's other sequence was being made, but unfortunately, Josh didn't act on it. 

He stepped out from the movie, which he and his fans were unhappy about. 

He did it because he was in contract with one of the best TV shows, "Once upon a Time," when the movie was made. 

They both had the same shoot timing; hence, he had to choose between one of them and choose the TV show. 

He wished the movie and marvel the best of luck for the movie and said that he would have worked on the movie if there was no timing crash.


Josh Wife Stopped Appearing In Movies

Josh's wife, Gennifer Goodwin, used to play as a lead in many high-budget movies and had earned a lot of fame. 

But as of today, she is not seen in any big-screen movies. It's not that she didn't want to act or something like that. 

The main reason was that her movies started earning less in the box office compared to other actors. 

Her films were in the verse of flopping. This is why she started doing small roles in the movies and has not appeared in movies. 

Her movie was not doing well. Hence she was no more cast in big-screen movies.

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