Oliver Finlay Dallas

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Oliver Finlay Dallas

Oliver Finlay Dallas is the son of American actor Josh Dallas. His mother's name is Ginnifer Goodwin. 

He was born in Los Angeles, California. He has a younger brother named Hugo Wilson Dallas

Oliver is an American citizen of his nationality. 

Relationship Status of Josh Dallas

Josh was previously married to Lara Pulver. They both met in 2003. At that time, they were working together. 

After some time, they started dating each other. After dating for some time, they got married in 2007

They stayed as husband and wife for 3 years and later divorced each other. They had no kids together.

John is currently married to Ginnifer Goodwin. His wife, Ginnifer, is an actress. They both started dating in 2011

They met for the first time on the set of their show named Once Upon a Time. They worked as a co-star in that movie. 

After that, they fell in love and began dating. After two years of dating, they got engaged to each other. 

A year after their engagement, they got married. Dallas and Goodwin gave birth to their first child after a year of their marriage. 

They named him Oliver Finlay. They welcomed their youngest son Hugo in 2016

Parents of Oliver Finlay Dallas
Parents of Oliver Finlay Dallas  Source: Instagram

About Josh Dallas

Josh is an American actor who was born on 18 December 1978. He played his first movie Thor in 2011.

He is well known for his role in the TV series named Once Upon a Time. After that, he earned fame and public attention from his acting in drama series named Manifest

He had shown his appearance in some great movies like Zootopia, Red Tails, and Thor

He is married to Ginnifer Goodwin and has two sons with her.

Oliver Finlay Dallas with his father and brother
Oliver Finlay Dallas with his father and brother  Source: Instagram

Obsessions' With His Wife

Josh Dallas, a famous actor, was interviewed on the talk show TODAY. He talked about his series Manifest and shared his relationship with his wife, Ginnifer Goodwin

The interviewer asked Josh about his series. Josh replied, saying it was a great opportunity to be part of such a great series. 

The whole story of that series was very attractive and for him to be part of it was a great thing. 

When he saw the script, he was immediately like, yes, and he had to do that. 

He opens up that he likes the idea. The show that he was working on, "Manifest," had a big story, and it was unique. 

A short clip from his show was played in the interview, which was interesting and unique.

Manifest is somehow very different from other series and movies.

After reading the script, he explained that he had feelings to do that show as he liked the story so much.

That series was also based on real things, making him more attracted to that series. 

He opened up that he didn't know the ending part of the story. 

At first, he was not interested in knowing the ending because he wanted to live the character and learn what happened next. 

But later, as he continued doing the show, he felt like he had to know the ending. He was asked about his wife, Ginnifer Goodwin

The interviewers showed some compilations from Josh's personal life, proving that he is obsessed with his wife. 

He feels very lucky to have her in his life. He said that the way to have a very long-lasting relationship with partners is to understand them, and there needs to be countless efforts and love.

To know more about the interview, do check the link.

Oliver’s Parents Gave Him A Meaningless Name 

Oliver was born to his parents, Ginnifer Goodwill and Josh Dallas as the eldest son. 

His mom Ginnifer gave an interview on Kelly and Michael’s talk show where she talked about her pregnancy and how they chose the name for her son Oliver

Ginnifer opened up that she got pregnant with Oliver before getting married. 

Josh and Ginnifer met each other on the show's set, where she played the role of Snow White and Josh played Prince charming.

Ginnifer never thought that her onscreen Prince Charming would be his actual life prince. 

So when she got pregnant with Oliver, she and Josh felt they would be parents without getting married. 

They were very modern and thought it was okay, but when she was in her last month, they both felt they needed to get married, so they did. 

She wore a dress designed by her best friend, and she attended her whole wedding barefoot. 

She was scared that she might fall because of the shoe, so she didn’t wear shoes at all. 

Only 25 people were there in their marriage. When Ginnifer got pregnant with Oliver, she got sherk on her foot and went to the hospital. 

The doctors said it is normal during pregnancy, and she got a regular foot massage from Josh

They had different names for their baby, but they thought they weren’t good after six months. 

They found the name Oliver, and it has no meaning. They liked that name, so they picked that name for their son. 

Josh’s whole family was there, and Josh bet $500 to guess their son’s name, and somehow Ginnifer's sister guessed the correct name, which shocked Josh and Ginnifer

Josh blamed Ginnifer that she told her sister, but Ginnifer didn’t say to anyone. 

Faced A Horrible Accident

Josh Dallas gave an interview to Extratv in 2019 with his costar of series 'Manifest'

There he talked about his stitches, crush, and his speeding ticket. Josh said that he had a crush on some teachers while in school. 

But he expressed that he never had a crush on his friend's hot moms. 

When asked about his speeding ticket, he revealed that he had never used his fame to get out of legal issues as it was wrong. 

He admitted that he had been out in the middle of many movies after watching and realizing it was not good.

He couldn't remember their names as there were many. Josh also said that he had lost his car in his parking lot a few times, and it was mesh to find it. 

When asked about faking a call, Josh expressed that he had never faked a call. He also shared the reason with the audience through the interview. 

During his time in the theater, one of his friends was faking the call. But unfortunately, his phone rang in front of the teacher. 

The teacher then threw the phone into the water. Since then, Josh said that he never faked a call. 

He also revealed that he had 47 stitches in his mouth. It happened when he was a kid. 

He fell off on teeth, and all of his teeth were moved up to gum and chipped. 

It was horrible, and he was rushed to the hospital for treatment. 

Josh also shared a memory about when he and his friends were asked to get out of the bar. 

He said they were asked politely to get out of the bar due to a situation. When asked about the situation, he didn't tell exactly what happened but said he was not the reason.

Josh Freaks Out People 

Josh Dallas gave an interview to the Access podcast where he talked about his show Manifest and his plans after ending that interview. 

Josh and his wife, Gennifer Goodwill, have been married for so many years, and they are both big fans of Harry Potter.

Josh said he and his wife would go to the world of Harry Potter as soon as he finished the interview. 

The interviewer told Josh to bring him chocolates from there. Josh missed the Harry Potter trivia one day and was unhappy about that. 

The interviewer said they had shown down; if Josh had been there, he would have enjoyed it. 

Josh and his wife have two sons together, and leaving their kids in the home was not easy for them. 

He said he and his wife must take something to them when returning. It might be a wand bag or anything else. 

After that, he talked about his show Manifest. He revealed that he has been traveling a lot because of that show. 

His performance is so amazing that people have showered their love, and when they meet Josh while traveling, they freak out. 

People leave the plane when he enters. Josh then expressed his feeling about shooting that show in New York

He enjoyed shooting over there and had a great time. He loved the vibes, people, and everything about the city. 

His show has a lot of conspiracy things and even doesn't know what might come up and shock him. 

After that, Josh said that he would go boating with his wife and go to the Harry Potter

He revealed that he and his wife are complete kids when they are not with their kids. He might also do the water park stuff, but he will need to have some shots of Tequila.

Ginnifer Uses A Flip Phone

Ginnifer is a well-known actress for her character in Snow White.

In 2019, she gave an interview on Lilly Singh’s late-night show where she talked about her obsession with flip phones. 

The interviewer got shocked when she found a person using a flip phone in the modern world of smartphones and iPhones.

Ginnifer said that she loves using a flip phone, which is very reliable. 

She said that phones are made to make text and calls, and that’s what flip phone does, so she carries a flip phone with her. 

She said that she brought herself an iPhone when she went to the US to shoot Once Upon a Time. 

She had her flip phone with her, but there were a lot of signal issues, and her husband got irritated with her and told her strictly to buy an iPhone so they could FaceTime. 

She then got herself an iPhone, and they did face time a lot, and she enjoyed seeing her husband. 

She then visited every store in the US so that she could find herself a good flip phone. 

She also opened up that she has lots of numbers.

Ginnifer said that she is an older woman and the reason behind calling herself that is her interest. 

She prints maps, knits, embroid, and watches gardening shows. Ginnifer could spend her whole Saturday watching the gardening show with a cup of tea. 

Ginnifer also revealed that she has never been on social media. But years back, she used social media for media. 

She has no idea about Instagram or Snapchat things. When the interviewer asked Ginnifer about the filters, she only knew about iPhone effects. 

The interviewer then took her photo from Snapchat using a filter that showed her how she would look if she were a man. 

She was amazed and got excited. It was her first time getting to know such things.


Oliver was born in 2014. Her current age is seven years.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Josh is $3 Million. His source of income is acting. 

His yearly income is estimated at $480,000.

The Renewal Of Series "Manifest" Revealed By Josh

Manifest is one of the top Netflix series. It is one of the most liked series by the audience. 

The bad news for Manifest fans was that due to pandemic, the series got stopped. 

Josh in 2021 shared the post where he wrote that Manifest is badass, and the tweet went viral. 

People started assuming that the show would start again, and people were hyped up. 

The show did start again, and not only fans and audience but Josh, along with his co-actors and crew, were also extremely excited.

Josh Dallas Stepped Out From A Movie

Josh has been seen in the superhero movie created by marvel named "Thor.

Thor's other sequence was being made, but unfortunately, Josh didn't act on it. 

He stepped out from the movie, which he and his fans were unhappy about. 

He did it because he was in contract with one of the best TV shows, "Once Upon A Time," when the movie was made. 

They both had the same shoot timing; hence, he had to choose between one of them and choose the TV show. 

He wished the movie and marvel luck for the movie and said that he would have worked on the movie if there was no timing crash.

Josh Wife Stopped Appearing In Movies

Josh's wife, Gennifer Goodwin, used to play as a lead in many high-budget movies and had earned fame. 

But as of today, she is not seen in any big-screen movies. It's not that she didn't want to act or something like that. 

The main reason was that her movies started earning less in the box office compared to other actors. 

This is why she started doing small roles in the movies and has not appeared as a lead in movies. 

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