Who Is Hunter Urban ? Son Of Karl Urban

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Who Is Hunter Urban ? Son Of Karl Urban

Hunter Urban is the son of New Zealander actor Karl Urban. His mother's name is Natalie Wihongi.

His mom is a make-up artist by profession. He has a sibling named Indiana Urban. 

He is a New Zealand citizen by his nationality. 

Hunter Urban's parents Karl Urban and Natalie Wihongi
Hunter Urban's parents, Karl Urban and Natalie Wihongi Source: Pinterest

Parents' Married Life

Karl was previously married to his ex-wife Natalie Wihongi. They tied the knot back in 2004.

Karl and Natalie are the parents of two children. 

Their first son was born in 2000 before their marriage, and their second son was born a year after their marriage. 

They ended their relationship in 2014. 

Hunter Urban with his brother Indiana Urban
Hunter Urban with his brother Indiana Urban Source: Pinterest

Dating Life Of Karl

After ending his first marriage, Karl started dating Katee Sackhoff, but sadly their relationship didn't last long. 

They broke up in 2018 after dating each other for four years straight. As of 2022, Karl is single. 

Hunter Urban's father Karl Urban
Hunter Urban's father, Karl Urban Source: Instagram


Hunter was born on 16 December 2000, and his current age is 21 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Karl is $20 Million. Acting is his source of income.

Frustrated With The Set 

Karl is well known for his show The Boys, and while shooting the second season of The Boys, he opened up about the frustrating thing that happened to him on the set.

He said that he was on the set shooting for the death scene of Becca, but in the middle, they had to stop shooting because they had to take the shot of another character that was Anthony Starr. 

The time gap between his shot made him feel frustrated, and he opened up that it was the most frustrating day of his life. 

He said it took the whole day, and when his and Becca's scene turned, it was already night.

Wishes To Get Teleported 

In the interview with Vulture, Karl talked about him wishing he could teleport. 

Karl and his costars of the show The Boys have joined the interview along with him. 

When the interviewer asked Karl about the one superpower that he wished to have, he replied that he wished to have a teleportation superpower. The reason behind him wishing for that superpower was to miss the long flight.

He said that if he had that teleportation superpower, he wouldn't have to be on 20 hours long flights while traveling. 

He can go where ever he wants, just in a second, if he had that teleportation power, and because of that, Karl wishes to have that superpower. 

Helmet As A Pop Culture Prize 

Karl talked about the pop culture prize from the movie Lord of the Rings.

He opened up that he got the helmet he wore on that movie, and it was one of his favorite pop culture prizes. 

He was really happy and grateful for the people who gave him a chance to work in that movie. 

He showed the helmet in the interview, and it looked like an armor helmet and told that it is precious to him. 

He also had great experiences while working in the show, and he is very thankful for that helmet and some people who cast him on that movie. 

Karl's Mom Made Him Do Acting 

Karl is a well-known star in the acting industry. He started his acting career at a very young age, and his mom was the reason behind his acting career. 

Karl's mom was involved in the acting industry, and his mom made him involved in the acting too. 

He said that he always thought that acting was the thing that he could do, and as his mom worked in a production company, he got exposed to acting at an early age. 

Karl's mom was the one who was determined to his acting career. 

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