Who Is Natalie Wihongi? Ex-Husband Of Karl Urban

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Who Is Natalie Wihongi? Ex-Husband Of Karl Urban

Natalie Wihongi is a talented make-up artist by profession. She is from New Zealand. 

She has worked as a makeup artist in many movies. But got into the limelight when she got married to Karl Urban

Her husband is a well-known actor.

Natalie Wihongi's ex-husband Karl Urban
Natalie Wihongi's ex-husband Karl Urban Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Natalie tied the knot with Karl in 2004 after dating for more than three years. 

They met on the set of The Privateers in 2000, where she worked as a makeup artist. 

Before getting married, they had already welcomed their first child, Hunter Urban in 2000. 

In 2005 they were again blessed with a baby boy named Indiana Urban

The couple got divorced nearly after a decade after their marriage. They parted their ways on mutual understanding and publicly announced their separation. 

However, they agreed to co-parent their two children and maintain their family relations so that their two sons do not get affected by their separation.

Natalie Wihongi's sons Hunter Urban and Indiana Urban
Natalie Wihongi's sons Hunter Urban and Indiana Urban Source: Pinterest

Who is Natalie Dating In 2022?

Natalie is not active on social media. 

After her divorced, she was devastated. But there was news that she was dating a man in 2016. 

There is no information about their relationship.

Natalie Wihongi with her ex-husband Karl Urban
Natalie Wihongi with her ex-husband Karl Urban Source: CelebSuburb

Karl's First Movie Is His Greatest Experience 

Karl Urban gave an interview on Stephen Colbert’s show where he talked about his first ever movie and shared his experience. 

Karl did his first ever movie, “The Two Towers,” two or three decades back, and it’s amazing that he got to do that movie.

While doing that movie, Karl got to work with people like Peter Jackson and Vigo Mortenson.

He said that Peter is the Einstein when it comes to movies, and he had extraordinary experiences working with them. 

He said that his first movie was a fantastic experience throughout his career. 

The shooting of that movie was done in his home country New Zealand, and Karl said that he got to see and experience so much of things in his hometown during that shooting.

Although he grew up in New Zealand, he didn’t see so much of things, but during shooting, he got to see so many things that stunned him. 

He was taken to the remote areas of his country for the shooting. 

They landed a helicopter on a sheep paddock. The whole movie shooting was done in wild places in New Zealand.

Karl opened up that he learned horse riding for that movie. Before that, he didn’t know about horse riding. 

It took him 6-7 weeks to be good at riding a horse. He was also the charge of big downhill shooting, and he got scared while shooting over it. 

It was a dangerous place, and although they had CGI, he was scared. Luckily no one from his cast got hurt while shooting that scene. 

He said that he had never been part of a project where every people on the set had books in their hand. 

Because of all the things that happened during the shooting of his movie, he got to experience unique things.

Saddened Losing A Co-Star 

Karl Urban was interviewed on the TODAY podcast about losing his co-star and Star Trek

Karl is well known for his role play in the movie Star Trek. He plays the role of Dr. Leonard, also known as Bones

He opened up about the writer of the film Simon Pegg. Simon also has a role in that movie, and he plays Scotty

Karl said that he had put lots of funny things while writing that movie, and because of that, the whole film Star Trek is fun and entertaining. 

He has always been a fan of Star Trek since childhood, and when he heard about the movie's vision from the director Justin Lin, he felt he had to be part of it. 

Before that, he thought not to be as he had another project lined up. 

Since childhood, he has been watching Star Trek, and being part of that was happening for him. 

He said that he loves how movies are related to pushing social boundaries and has a great vision of humanity. 

People of different diversity work together, whether men or women. That vision of Star Trek attracted him. 

The two movies were shot in Los Angeles, and one was in Vancouver

He enjoyed shooting that movie, and the cast member film was like family to him. 

They spend time and chill with each other whenever they have time. But sadly, he had to lose one of his co-stars Anton Yelchin who was also part of that movie. 

He got into a dreadful accident which took his life. Karl had a good relationship with him, and he will never forget his laugh.

Anton was a great human, and Karl had unforgettable memories with him. Losing Anton was a loss for Karl and his cast members.


Natalie's age is not known. Talking about her height, she is 5 feet 6 inches

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $500k. All her income comes from her being a makeup artist.

Talked About Challenges Karl Faced In The Superhero Series 'The Boys'

In season 2 of the series, they shot inside a giant dying whale, and the crew built a 60-foot whale on a beach. 

It was gross and a challenge to shoot that scene. 

He had to fight with the invisible person, and it was very tricky as he had to remember all the choreography of the fight scene. 

It was a lot harder than he thought. They shot in Toronto, but the show was set in New York.

They shot one of the scenes in a murder scene during season one of the series. 

At first, he did not have any idea about it, but later, he found out that it was a crime scene as the night before their shooting, someone was murdered in a drug case there were police officers and an ambulance the next morning.

Natalie Named Her Son After A Movie Character

Wihongi is a huge fan of an Indiana Jones film series.

When she got pregnant for the second time, she binge-watched an action movie named Raiders of the Lost Ark with her ex-husband Karl.

There was a scene in that movie where one of the characters named Marion was in danger and shouted for help. 

She called Indiana for help and called him Indy.

At that time, she loved that name, and she told Karl that she would name her second child Indiana as she loved that name and its character.

Karl Reveals His Prize Possession From Pop Culture

Urban shared his favorite things from pop culture in an interview with Entertainment weekly. 

He showed his helmet from the Lord of Rings. He was very impressed by the detail done on the helmet. 

He also showed another helmet from Dredd. 

Karl met Carrie Fisher while promoting his film. He was a huge fan of Carrie, and he got her autograph. 

She wrote a sweet message for him on her photograph with her autograph. 

He missed a concert by Foo Fighters as he was busy shooting, so they sent him a setlist, and he was very happy to get that. 

He showed his Dredd Badge, blaster from 'Almost Human' drumstick, and other badges and talked about his favorite book, Heavier than Heaven

His friend knew the book's author, and he got an autograph for him. 

He was grateful for all the generous gifts and souvenirs he had received.

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