Who Is Hwang Won-kyung? Father Of Hwang Hee-Chan

by Manisha Thu Nov 03 2022 Updated On Thu Nov 10 2022
Who Is Hwang Won-kyung? Father Of Hwang Hee-Chan

Hwang Won-kyung is the father of South Korean footballer Hwang Hee-chan who plays for the Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers and the national team of South Korea. 

He is married to Song Young-mi. The couple has a daughter too. Hee-chan is their youngest child. 

He is from Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea. He moved to Bucheon with his wife and daughter after Hee-chan was born.

Hwang Won-kyung's wife and son, Hwang Hee-chan.
Hwang Won-kyung's wife and son, Hwang Hee-chan. Source: LifeBogger

Is Hee-chan Dating Anyone?

Hee-chan is not dating anyone as of now. He is focused on his football and doesn't have time for relationships. 

He is dedicated to his passion. 


His son Hee-chan is 26 years old. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He weighs around 77 kg.

Net Worth

His son Hee-chan''s net worth is estimated to be 3 million pounds.

Hwang Won-kyung's son Hwang Hee-chan.
Hwang Won-kyung's son Hwang Hee-chan. Source: Instagram

Hee-chan Talked About Adapting In Wolverhampton Wanderers

In 2021 Hee -chan signed a deal with Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers.

He said that all his teammates were very welcoming. He said Conor Coady and Semedo took good care of him when he arrived at the club. 

He added the coaching staff, and the team doctors also helped him a lot. 

He said with their help, he got easily adapted to the club. 

He said when he met Adama Traore for the first time, he was not terrified as everyone said he was a very good person, and when he met him in person, he found that Adama had a very decent and nice character. 

Learned English To Communicate With His Teammates

He shared that when he left Korea, he thought all he had to do was play well, but that was not the case. 

Due to the language barrier, he got few passes from his teammates, and because of this, he had to struggle a lot. 

He realized that due to the language barrier, he was facing difficulty. 

So in order to communicate with his teammates, he worked hard and learned English

Listen To The Black Pink Song Before The Pre-Game

He shared that he listens to Psy, BTS, and Black pink songs. He said music motivates him to play better. 

Out of three, he mostly listens to the Black pink song before the game. 

Football Was Not His First Love

Hee-chan was interested in Taekwondo when he was young. The first sport he ever played was taekwondo. 

He trained for two years. If he hadn't become a footballer, he would have gone into Taekwondo. 

When he was six years old, he witnessed his country qualify for the 2002 FIFA semifinals.

He was motivated to play football after witnessing that. 

He changed his direction from Taekwondo to football; after that, there was no looking back.

Hee-chan's Strength And Weaknesses

He shared that he has got lots of energy. He describes himself as an energetic player. 

He said he had speed, which helps him to score a goal for the team, and he was also good at making assists. 

He didn’t reveal his weaknesses, but he said he works hard every day to improve his weaknesses. 

Why Is Hee-chan Nicknamed Bull?

Hee-chan said that he doesn’t know the actual reason why fans nicknamed him Bull

He assumed that they might have kept it by seeing his playing style, which is fearless, aggressive, and direct. 

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