Who Is Song Young-mi? Mother Of Hwang Hee-chan

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Who Is Song Young-mi? Mother Of Hwang Hee-chan

Song Young-mi is the mother of South Korean professional football player Hwang Hee-chan

She's married to her husband, Hwang Won-Kyung. She has two children with her husband. 

She belongs to the Asian ethnicity. She is a South Korean citizen

Song Young-mi's husband.
Song Young-mi's husband. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Song is married to her husband, Hwang Won-Kyung, and they have two children together. 

The couple is blessed with one daughter and one son, Hwang

Who Is Song's Son Hee-chan Dating?

Hwang is currently not dating anyone; he is single. 

Age And Net Worth 

Song's age and net worth are unknown. However, her son Hwang is 26 years old and has a net worth of 8 Million euros.

Hwang Is An Aggressive Player

Hwang is one of the few Korean players playing in the Premier League, so it is a great deal for him and his fans. 

But he has also earned a nickname in his career, and that is “The Bull,” which is also called “The angry bull.” 

He was given the nickname because of his aggressive nature while playing. 

Mostly defenders are the players that forwards are scared of because they can tackle and play physically. 

But Hee-chan being an attacker, is not less than any defender. He plays very physically, which Can also scare any defender

His aggression is also compared to Luis Suarez, Carlos Tevez, and Wayne Rooney.

His big and muscular thigh also shows how powerful he can become if necessary.

Hee-chan Is Not A Selfish Player

Hee-chan is one of the goal scorers for his team, and he is good at what he does. 

But he does not only focus on scoring the goal and seeing his name on the scoring sheet. His mentality is to play for the team and win for the team. 

Although he can score independently, he is often seen assisting, making valuable plays, and distracting defenders

He is mostly the target of defenders, and he knows it. Hence, he tries to lure the defenders into him so his teammates can score. 

Also, the player is mentally and strategically very strong. He knows where he should be and how he should play. 

Hence, he is always in the position where his teammates want him to be. 

This helps him to score as well as his teammate's to score. Hee-chan is the package of strength and mind.

Hee-chan Is A Machine

In the game against Liverpool FC, Hee-chan became one of the centre of attraction to the crowd, coaches, and players. 

He was all over the pitch, taking possessions, shooting the ball, and passing out defenders. 

Surprisingly, he could pass Van Dijk with brilliant moves that kept the defender surprised. 

Hee-chan said that he was prepared for any defender and didn’t think twice about who was in front of him and what he was going through. 

He was well-focused on scoring. His performance was so nice that the Liverpool coach called him the Machine. 

It was a huge compliment from the opposing team. But his games were not always good. 

There was a time when he had no accuracy, and people criticized him. 

But he worked on his shooting, looking at Luis Suarez and Neymar Jr

He indeed worked like a machine and improved himself to get to the position he is in now.

Hee-chan Has A National Record?

Hee-chan has already made his country proud by representing his country in Premier League as one of the few Korean players in the League. 

But he also has a national record set in his country that had never been done before. 

Hee-chan is one of the fastest players, and there is no doubt about that. 

But he has scored the fastest goal in the history of Korea, which is a very big achievement for him. 

He scored a goal in the starting 16 seconds of the match, which is surprising yet amazing. 

His qualities are the reason he is one of the top players in the world.

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