Imogen Sheeran – Meet Mother Of Ed Sheeran

by sabina Sun Mar 03 2024 Updated On Tue Mar 12 2024
Imogen Sheeran – Meet Mother Of Ed Sheeran

Imogen Sheeran is famous as a celebrity mother. She is the mother of Grammy-winning English singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran

Imogen is a culture publicist turned jewelry designer.

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Married life and husband

Imogen married her husband, John Sheeran, a long time back. Her husband is Irish and serves as an art curator and lecturer. 

Their eldest son Matthew was born in 1989 in Halifax, and two years later welcomed their second son Ed

Matthew is an award-winning classical composer. 

Imogen and her husband moved to Framlingham in Suffolk in 1995 to run their art consultancy called Sheeran Lock

Ed, in an interview with British GQ back in 2017, revealed that his father was tough at times. 

He said his dad calmed down a lot, but when he was not applying himself at school, he was strict with him and always had a big go at him for not working hard. 

When John finally realized that music was the only thing Ed was interested in, he took the initiative and encouraged him, frequently driving him to gigs every week. 

While accepting the Grammy award in 2013, Ed expressed his gratitude for their immense support and effort to help him reach the position he is in today.

Imogen Sheeran with her husband John Sheeran and son Ed Sheeran
Imogen Sheeran with her husband John Sheeran and son Ed Sheeran. Source: Facebook


She was born in 1960. She is currently 63 years old.

Net Worth

Her exact net worth is currently under review. As of now, we have the net worth of her son Ed

Her son, the popstar sensation, has a jaw-dropping net worth of $200 million.

She and her husband changed their work direction for their sons

As supportive parents, Imogen and her husband did everything possible to help their sons achieve their dreams. 

After their consultancy was badly affected by the financial crisis in 2007 and 2008, it became difficult to support their sons, who were both studying music, so they changed their work direction. 

Imogen started a jewelry-making business from the ground up, working from home, and John started a public art lecturing business combining art history with art appreciation. 

John said that necessity was the mother of invention for him as he ended up creating his perfect job. 

They were fortunately on their feet again after a difficult year.

Imogen Sheeran with her husband John Sheeran and their kids
Imogen Sheeran with her husband John Sheeran and their kids. Source: Facebook

She opened a musical school for kids

Imogen is the director of the Suffolk Kodaly Community Interest Company, which aims to provide progressive music education to children in schools across the east of Suffolk

According to her, the company's approach to music education is based on teaching, learning, and understanding music through the experience of singing –giving direct access to the world of music without technical problems involved with the use of an instrument.

She sold jewelry at her son’s concert

Imogen, in 2010, started using her creative skills, making jewelry to sell at her son’s concerts so that she could provide funds to young artists. 

In an interview with The Sun in 2011, she said she started making jewelry after the funding was cut for the youth arts program she was working for. 

She recalled making some Liquorice Allsorts bracelets for Ed to start with, which, according to her, went down very well. 

Imogen Sheeran is super close to her son Ed Sheeran
Imogen Sheeran is super close to her son Ed Sheeran. Source: Facebook

The Supermarket Flowers song was not for her 

When Ed Sheeran dropped his third studio album “Divide” in 2017, fans thought The Supermarket Flowers from the album was about her, but it wasn’t. 

While appearing in an interview back in 2017, Ed clarified that it was not for his mom but for his grandmom. 

He described the song to be the most special on the record and explained how he ended up writing the song. 

According to Ed, his grandmother was very ill during the time he was making a record and sadly passed away at the end of making the record, so he wrote the song as a tribute to her. 

After her grandmother passed, they were clearing her hospital room and taking supermarket flowers from the windowsill, he captured the moment and that was how he came up with writing the song, he said.

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