Who Is John Sheeran? Father Of Ed Sheeran

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Who Is John Sheeran? Father Of Ed Sheeran

John Sheeran is an English art curator, lecturer, editor, publisher, and exhibition organizer. 

He is the father of the famous singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran

John Sheeran with his wife and son.
John Sheeran with his wife and son. Source: Pinterest

John Is An Artistic Person

John is very well-known and respected in his field. He has over three decades of experience in art. 

He grew up in London in an Irish Catholic household. After his graduation, he started organizing art exhibitions and managing art collections. 

He has organized exhibitions for both struggling and accomplished artists. 

Not only in art, he has also done many works in editing and publishing. He has put out books like ‘Marie Walker Last.’ 

And he also delivers charity lectures from time to time. 

He and his wife have launched their commercial online art gallery. 

Their galleries are suited for people with little knowledge about art collectors and enthusiasts. 

And they have a website for their gallery that helps people learn more about artists who are interested in it. 

John has very vast experience in the world of art. So he began delivering art lectures. 

In his talks, he uses 10-15 pictures to show people why artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso are so highly revered.

About His Family

John is married to Imogen Lock. She is a cultural publicist and jewelry designer. She has a MA degree in art history. 

And she also worked for a gallery as a press officer. The duo have two sons together. 

Their firstborn, Matthew Sheeran, and Ed Sheeran. They moved to Halifax, West Yorkshire, after their marriage. And they gave birth to their children. 

Of his sons, Ed was very fond of music from childhood. He has been singing since he was four years old

His passion for music grew so much in him. Now he is a very successful singer and songwriter of today. 

He has won four Grammy Awards. And has sold more than 150 Million albums worldwide. 

Like him, his brother Matthew is also in the music field. He is a composer and musician. 

He has also created music for several films and television shows. His most famous one is from the British romance drama With Love From Suffolk

He could not make it as big as his brother, but he is a talented musician. 

Both brothers are happy with their individual life and are close to each other. 

John Sheeran with his son, Ed Sheeran.
John Sheeran with his son, Ed Sheeran. Source: Pinterest


John was born in 1975 to an Irish family. He is 60 years old as of 2023. 

Net Worth

John's net worth is about $14 Million, and his famous son Ed Sheeran's net worth is about $200 Million

Ed's Song Nancy Mulligan Is About His Grandparents

Ed wrote a song about his grandmother, who is Irish. His whole family is Irish. His grandfather was a protestant who was originally from Belfast

And his grandmother Nancy Mulligan is a catholic and a native of Ireland

During the Second World War, the duo met and developed feelings for each other. However, their parents were against their relationship. 

Despite their parents' wishes, the duo got married and had eight children, five sons and three daughters. 

And Ed's song Nancy Mulligan is all about them. 

In an interview, Nancy talked about his grandson Ed Sheeran and his talents in music. 

She listened to Nancy Mulligan for the first time when he played her on mobile. 

And it was from his grandfather William Sheeran's point of view. 

Where he falls in love with the Irish woman whom his Catholic-Protestant family was against their relationship. 

Nancy is pleased and feels proud of her grandson and says she never thought of him as famous because he is always the same as he was in childhood.

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