Ira Peskowitz

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Ira Peskowitz

Ira Peskowitz is the father of famous rapper Bhad Bhabie. He is a deputy police officer in the United States by profession. 

He is an American citizen. He is married to Stephanie Peskowitz and has two children with her. 

His first daughter Bhad Bhabie was born with his ex-girlfriend Barbara Ann Bregoli.  

Why did Ira Peskowitz Separate from his baby Mother?

Ira was in a serious relationship with Barbara Ann Bregoli, in 2000

They gave birth to Danielle in 2003. After that, they broke up officially. 

They had a very abusive relationship and had enough romance, due to which they broke up with each other. 

They had a custody battle for their 18 months daughter. Child custody was given to the mother, and Ira had to pay for child support.

He has no good terms with his daughter Bhad.

Bhad Bhabie Abused by not Letting her Sleep?

Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, was sent to Turn-About Ranch, where teen children were supposed to be helped by their rage, suicidal thoughts, trauma, behavior issues, eating disorders, and other problems. 

She was sent there because she had a rage issue as she threatened to fight an audience in one of the shows. 

She was taken there against her will. She was forbidden from showering and sleeping. 

There in the ranch, she was not given to sleep for straight three days. They used to torture the teens. 

Due to this behavior of the faculty, after coming back from the ranch, she cased a file against Turn-About Ranch for the abuse allegations that she suffered there.

Ira daughter Bhab Bhabi
Ira daughter Bhab Bhabi   Source: Instagram

Rapper Bhad Bhabie got Hospitalized

In 2019, Bhad was going to Los Angeles from Fort Lauderdale on a flight. 

She suddenly started getting cramps on her stomach. She had her stomach pain a few days earlier, but she couldn't resist her pain after getting seated on the plane. 

She then had a conversation with the flight attendant. She was then un board the plane and was immediately taken to the nearest hospital. 

She was reported negative in the report after doctors checked her. She had this cramp for few days but was fine later.

Bhad Bhabie got in a Fight with Vicky

Bhad was near Georgia. Vicky, a rapper, uploaded a picture on Instagram by chilling with Danielle's so-called boyfriend in the studio in Georgia

She saw that picture of them chilling around and got pissed off. She drove to that studio on 5 in the morning, and that's when the fight occurred. 

They were physically fighting and were separated at last by their fellow rappers. 

Net Worth

His net worth is unknown. His daughter's net worth is about $ 6 Million. Her source of income is a professional rapper and songwriter.

Age, Height, and Weight

He was born on February 6, 1968. His current age is 52 years old.

 He has a height of five feet, and eleven inches tall, and his weight is 89 kilogram.

Daughter's Relationship Status

According to rumors, Bhad was in a relationship with Trippie Redd in 2019

She also revealed that they had kissed each other, whereas Trippie Redd, after a time, refused to share a sexual relationship. 

She is currently dating a guy, but the name of him is unknown. 

She has written a long caption for her new boyfriend and also writes how lucky she is after getting him. Their relationship seems committed. 

Bhad Bhabie with her boyfriend
Bhad Bhabie with her boyfriend  Source: Instagram

About Bhad Bhabie

She was born on March 26, 2003, in Boynton Beach, Florida, United States. Bhad Bhabie is her stage name. 

Her birth name is Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli. She is professionally a rapper, songwriter, and media personality.

Her mother raised her as a single parent. 

She became the youngest female rapper ever to appear on Billboard Hot 100 chart in the year 2017. 

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