James Chester Reynolds

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James Chester Reynolds

James Chester was the late father of a famous Canadian actor, film producer, and entrepreneur, Ryan Reynolds.

James was married to Tammy Reynolds. He was a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman

He worked as a food wholesaler and later after retired. He was a Canadian citizen. 

He has four sons named Terry Reynolds, Patrick Reynolds, Ryan, and Jeff Reynolds.   

James Chester wife and son
James Chester wife and son    Source: Instagram

James Chester Died Peacefully

James died due to Parkinson’s disease on October 25, 2015, at the age of 74

He passed away in a hospital bed in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. He battled that disease for more than a decade.

He never talked about his disease publicly. It was revealed in 2008 by his son Ryan.

He fully lived his life, making a lot of memories. He was a very energetic and positive person and was positively fighting the disease. 

He died happily as all his dreams were fulfilled, and he got to play with his grandchildren.   

Ryan Reynolds with his father, James Chester
Ryan Reynolds with his father, James Chester   Source: Instagram

About Son Ryan Reynolds

Ryan is a famous Canadian actor, film director, and entrepreneur born on October 23, 1976, in Vancouver, British Columbia

His full name is Ryan Rodney Reynolds. He is the youngest son of James Chester Reynolds and Tammy Reynolds among the four

He is married to Blake Lively, an actress, and together they have three daughters. 

Ryan started his career in 1991 by starring in teen soap operas. He then started getting cast in the main role in 1998

He was doing fine in his career until he got the role in a superhero movie, Deadpool, in 2016 and Deadpool 2 in 2018. He got a rise in his career afterward.    

Son Ryan nearly Died while Skydiving

At the age of 19, Ryan was training to get a skydiving license with his friends. He was jumping for the thirteenth time and was confident. 

He jumped off the plane with the same confidence, but he realized that his primary parachute was not opening after a while. 

He had a backup parachute with him, but he could not open the backup parachute for a bit due to his panic attack and fear. 

He thought he was going to fall and die. 

He later thankfully came in a sense and then tried hard and successfully pulled his backup parachute. 

He was in fear even after he landed. Just a few days after this incident, his skydiving instructor died by failing to skydive. 

This made him more fearful of heights and flying. From then on, he has a sort of fear of even flying. 

Ryan Stops Doing Stunts

Ryan used to perform his own stunts earlier in his career but stopped performing his stunts after the movie Safe House

While doing a stunt scene in the film, he got injured very badly. This was the seventh time he became injured that year. 

He broke a couple of vertebrae in his neck. His doctor strictly prohibited Ryan from doing stunts as it was too risky for his physical health. 

From then he used four different stuntmen in his movies as per requirement. 

Son’s Relationship Status

Ryan Rodney Reynolds dated a famous Canadian singer, Alanis Morissette, in 2002 and got engaged after two years.

They were engaged for about three years. After that, in 2001, they mutually separated. 

Just after their separation, Reynolds started dating a famous American actress, Scarlett Johansson

They got engaged in May 2008 and privately married after four months in September. Just after two years, they got divorced with mutual understanding. 

Reynolds is now married to actress Blake Lively. Reynolds met Blake while doing a movie together named Green Lantern

They began dating in October 2011. They then got married on September 9, 2012, in South Carolina

They together have three daughters. They are James Reynolds, Inez Reynolds, and Betty Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds with his wife Blake Lively in an event
Ryan Reynolds with his wife Blake Lively in an event   Source: Instagram

Ryan‘s Odd Interview With Jimmy 

Ryan gave an interview on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show where he talked about Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell, and their new movie. 

The thing was, Jimmy invited Will Ferrell to the show, but unexpectedly, Ryan showed up. 

Jimmy and the whole audience were shocked, and as Jimmy had his questions prepared for the Will, he had no idea what he would talk about with Ryan. 

Ryan said that he received a call from Will when he was walking his dog. 

It was a last-minute call, and Will asked for the favor and told Ryan to go and do the interview instead of him because he got stuck at his work. 

Will couldn’t make it, so Ryan showed up there. Ryan said that Will is a talk show freak, and he doesn’t know how he could miss such an amazing talk show. 

Jimmy asked Ryan about his wife, Blake, and he said that his kids and wife were going great and his sex life with Blake was also going well. 

He then told Jimmy not to ask him personal questions, but he himself was talking about his personal stuff. 

Jimmy wanted to talk about Ryan’s show, Red Notice, but Ryan didn’t want to talk about himself as he was there in place of Will. 

So he asked Jimmy to talk about Will’s new show. Will and Paul Rudd’s new show, The Shrink Next Door, was about to release, and Jimmy asked if Ryan knew anything about the movie. 

Ryan started talking about the show, but it was nothing, as it's shown in the trailer. 

He still continued and talked about a bunch of things that didn’t relate to the show, making clear that he had absolutely no idea about Will’s how. 

The whole interview was weird as none of them were prepared on what to say, so as not to make the whole situation weird, Ryan just said a bunch of funny stuff.

Net Worth

He is no more, so his net worth is unknown. 

As of today, the net worth of Ryan is $150 Million. His source of income is a professional actor, film producer, and entrepreneur.

Net WorthSource of Income
$ 150 MillionProfessional Actor, Film Producer, and Entrepreneur

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. He was born on 4  August 1941.
  2. He died at the age of 74.
  3. He was Canadian by nationality.
  4. His nickname was Jim.

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