Tammy Reynolds

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Tammy Reynolds

Tammy Reynolds's real name is Tamara Lee Stewart, the mother of famous lead actor Ryan Reynolds of Deadpool and Deadpool 2

Tammy's husband, James Chester Reynolds, was born to Ryan's grandfather Chester Ambrose Reynolds and grandmother Helen Mary Long

He was a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman.

Tammy and her husband have four sons Jeff Reynolds, Terry Reynolds, Patrick Reynolds, and Ryan

Husband as Tough Father 

She had a very good time with her beloved husband. The husband-wife relation was so healthy and happy. 

But the relationship between her husband with their children was tough. He was very strict with his sons, but that was for their betterment.

Tammy worked as a saleswoman while her husband James Chester Reynolds sold food wholesale after retiring from the police force. 

Tammy's son opens to Mr. Porter magazine that he had tough childhood days as his father was tough to him and his brothers. 

Despite Ryan pondering if his father had strict behavior, it was for their good he seems to have been mentally affected during his childhood.

Tammy with her husband and youngest child
Tammy with her husband and youngest child  Source: Pinterest

Tammy Apology for Son's Writing

Tammy read a sheet of paper for Australian actor Chris Hemsworth written by her son Ryan Reynolds

She said sorry at the end of her video after criticizing Ryan's friend Chris

Chris Hemsworth spoke up in a video with his so-called father replying to all those criticisms spoken in Ryan's mother video.

Son humoristic approach has kept him apart from grief 

Tammy's son, a Canadian actor Ryan has mastered the art of trolling people online. 

Tammy, as his mother, is not excluded from his trolls. He trolls Tammy on Mother's day with a caption that conveys the message he's teasing her. 

Before, he had posted a picture with his mother from Time 100 Gala in April 2017 that spotted false tattoos over Tammy's face. 

Ryan showed off Deadpool's heart and Brazil's flag on either side of her cheek. 

He has covered up her necks with spider web and other left space of face with names of his family members. 

Ryan often trolls his wife and children on his posts as he has disclosed that such trolls conceal the sadness of his life.

Tammy Reynolds with her son Ryan Reynolds
Tammy Reynolds with her son Ryan Reynolds   Source: Instagram

Dedicated a song, "Torch" from Ex-Fiancé

Ryan had dated Alanis Morissette who is a singer from Canada

They had also declared their engagement in 2004 June while they were dating in 2002. 

It was Ryan's decision, and both of them agreed to end their engagement later in February 2007

Morissette went into grief and even composed several sad songs, and it was confirmed that the song "Torch" was dedicated to him.

Son's Married Life and Children

Ryan was found to be dating Scarlett Johansson in the same year when he had ended his relationship with Morissette

The couple had conducted their marriage privately in British Columbia on September 27, 2008

But their marriage did not last long as Ryan filed divorce on December 23, 2010, in LA, which finally took place on July 1, 2011.

After meeting with Blake Lively on the set of the film "Green Lantern," Ryan and Blake became best friends and turned their relationship into marriage on September 9, 2012, in South California

The couple lives in Pound Ridge, New York, with three baby girls.

James is the first child born in December 2014, Inez was born September 2016 as a second child, and Betty, born in 2019, is their third child.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively   Source: Instagram

Tammy's grandchild Betty was a character of Taylor Swift's song "Betty."

Taylor Swift is a close friend of both Ryan and Blake. So, Taylor named a song after Ryan and Blake's third baby girl, "Betty."

Death Of Husband

Her husband Jim died on October 25, 2015. He was seventy-four years at the time of his death. 

The cause of his death was Parkinson's disease. He battled for 20 years with that disease.

Net Worth

Since Tammy's net worth is not given on the internet but his son, whose total estimated net worth is roughly $150 million as of 2021.

Net worth$150 Million
Income sourceActor, producer, and screenwriter

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. Tammy's birth date is not available on the internet, but her son Ryan is 45 years old.
  2. She is Canadian.
  3. She has average height and weight.

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