Who Is Jamili Abraham? Daughter Of F. Murray Abraham

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Who Is Jamili Abraham? Daughter Of F. Murray Abraham

Jamili Abraham is the daughter of F. Murray Abraham, an American actor. Her mother is the late Kate Hannan

She has a sibling named Mick Abraham. Jamili was born on August 27, 1970. She prefers to keep her life private. 

Jamili Abraham with her father, F. Murray Abraham.
Jamili Abraham with her father, F. Murray Abraham. Source: Pinterest

Murray Won An Oscar Award

Abraham is known for his roles in movies and on stage. He won an Academy Award(Oscar) for his acting. 

He likes to have fun with his Oscar by hiding it in various places. Despite his success, he takes his work seriously and believes in his talent. 

He has been in many roles, like a charming character in The White Lotus, a drug dealer in Scarface, and a jealous composer in Amadeus, which won him the Oscar

He says believing in oneself is essential for success, but humanity is also crucial. He added an “F” to his name in honor of his father. 

He had a challenging childhood but found his passion for acting thanks to a teacher. 

He moved to New York and landed acting jobs. 

He worked on his accent and acting style and then got a significant role as the villain in Amadeus, winning the Oscar

He faced challenges after winning as he wanted meaningful roles. 

He faced controversy, too, but he has learned from his mistakes. He lost his wife last year after being married for 60 years and he miss her everyday. 

Parents of Jamili Abraham.
Parents of Jamili Abraham. Source: Pinterest

Death Of Mother

Her mom, Kate, passed away in 2022. She was 82 at the time of her death. Her parents got married in 1962 and had two children together. 

Kate was known for her courage, loyalty, and honesty. 

She battled multiple sclerosis and died peacefully in 2022 at their home in New York City.

Murray struggled with her loss and struggled to take on serious acting roles. 

He mentioned in an interview that he had to cancel a play he planned to do because it had a sad ending involving a husband and wife committing suicide. 

This affected him deeply, so he focused on comedy roles to help him cope his loss. 

Despite his grief, he continued to work and adapt to life without Kate.

Jamili Abraham's father and brother.
Jamili Abraham's father and brother. Source: Pinterest


Jamili was born on August 27, 1970. She is 52 years old as of 2023

Net Worth

Abraham's net worth is about 10 Million Dollars

Abraham Got Fired From TV Show Named Mythic Quest

Abraham left a TV show called Mythic Quest last year because there were complaints about his behavior towards some actresses. 

He got warned after the first incident, but another issue happened, and he got fired from the show. 

Abraham apologized and said he made jokes that upset his colleagues. 

The show’s studio and creator didn’t comment much on it. 

He played a character named C.W. Longbottom, known for being difficult to work with. 

They wrote his character out of the show in a way that fit the story, saying he had a terminal illness and decided to drive off a cliff into the Grand Canyon

Later, he joined another show called The White Lotus, where he played a character who made inappropriate comments about women.

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