Who Is Kate Hannan? Late Wife Of F. Murray Abraham

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Who Is Kate Hannan? Late Wife Of F. Murray Abraham

Kate Hannan is the late wife of actor F. Murray Abraham. They met in Los Angeles when Murray moved to LA to pursue his acting dream. 

They got married in 1962. They share two kids together, Mick and Jamili. She was battling with multiple sclerosis. 

She passed away in 2022 at her New York City home. 

Kate Hannan with her husband, F. Murray Abraham.
Kate Hannan with her husband, F. Murray Abraham. Source: Pinterest

Murray Loves To Hide His Oscar

Murray won an Oscar Award for the movie Amadeus in 1985. Unlike any other Oscar winner, he does not keep his Academy Award on display. 

He takes his award wherever he goes. 

He revealed that the award brought a lot of good things in his life, and the Oscar has been to every play he has done in his career. 

He has taken it to Broadway in New York and Europe

He said he tried to hand his Oscar to the stage manager and hide it somewhere the audience couldn’t see it. 

He said he likes to hide it on stage just for fun. He mentioned he hid the Oscar in the trashcan, suitcase, and drawer. 

He even keeps hamsters and squirrel toys over it to hide it. 


Her husband Abraham is 83 years old

Net Worth

Her husband Abraham's net worth is estimated to be $30 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor.

 Kate Hannan's husband and their son.
Kate Hannan's husband and their son. Source: Pinterest

Murray Shared How To Be Great In Life

Murray has been in the entertainment industry for about six decades. He said the key to becoming great is believing you are great. 

He shared to believe that it requires a certain amount of arrogance. A great actor has to balance between arrogance and humility, he added. 

He shared that it took him many years to find that right balance. 

Murray Added F In Front Of His Name

Everyone knows him as F. Murray Abraham, but people don’t know that he put the letter F on his own. 

He shared that his father was from Syria, and his name was Farid, so he kept the first letter of his father's name in order to honor him. 

He said he didn’t quite like his name, Murray Abraham

Murray Shared About How He Learned Accent

Murray grew up speaking Spanish

When he was not working, he realized that his accent might become an obstacle, so he began working on it and excelled in it. 

He said he started listening to his records by Gielgud and Oliver

He wanted to do Shakespeare, so he knew his accent was wrong for it, so he started studying and imitating their accent. 

Husband Won Oscar

Abraham got an Academy Award in the category Best Actor in 1985

He got fame and a name after the Oscars, and he wanted to do a good job after that, but things didn’t go as planned. 

He shared that he got an Oscar for the role he portrayed in the movie, so he had to do something equal to his Oscar-winning performance. 

He said he expected honorable and prestigious roles but was offered terrible ones. After that, he started doing theatre. 

Murray Talked About His Late Wife Kate

Murray and Kate were married for sixty years. He lost his wife in 2022. He got emotional talking about his late wife. 

He said Kate was the backbone of their marriage. He mentioned Kate always believed in him and remained with him through thick and thin. 

He shared he was fortunate that he met Kate. He added it was hard for him to live without his wife. 

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