Jean Vanderpump

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Jean Vanderpump

Jean Vanderpump was Lisa Vanderpump's mother, a widely known media personality, restaurateur, author, and actress.

More about Jean and her Family

Jean was born and raised in London, England. She was married to a man named John Vanderpump, whose real name is Johnathan

They both were blessed with two children; one son and one daughter. Her son’s name was Mark Vanderpump.

He was a professional Dj. He committed suicide at the age of fifty-nine years old in the year 2019

He took his own life because he could not handle all the intense financial problems and personal issues that were happening in his life. 

After debts spiraled out of his control, he had severe mental illness and took drastic decisions to end his life. 

Not only financial issues, but he was also going through a divorce, health problems, and life stresses.

Jean's two children
Jean's two children  Source: Instagram

Impact of Son's Death

Jean was wholly devastated by her son's death. She said as a mother; she failed to listen to his cry for help. 

She said she would forever regret not being a good mother and not saving her son from his problems. 

She had dinner with her husband and son the night before he committed suicide. Jean was completely aware of his low and asked him to stay the night at her home.

Her son refused to stay and went home. Jean, along with her husband, knew that he was having financial problems and personal issues. 

They texted him and tried to contact him after he left their house. Sadly, Mark did not reply to their message, and Jean's husband found their son unconscious on the sofa.

He was rushed to Great Western Hospital located in Swindon, but he did not make it. 

She mentioned that no parents deserve to hear about their child's death. 

Grandmother of Two

Jean was a grandmother of two grandchildren. Her daughter Lisa got married to a man named Ken Todd in 1982

They are blessed with two children. Jean's grandchildren were named Max Todd and Pandora Todd

Max was born on December 7, 1991. He is twenty-nine years old. 

Her granddaughter Pandora was born on May 7, 1986. She is thirty-five years old. She is a married woman. 

A vintage picture of Jean's daughter and grandchildren
A vintage picture of Jean's daughter and grandchildren  Source: Pinterest

Reason for her Demise

Jean left this world in June of 2019. She died after a few months after her son's death. 

The cause of her death was kept confidential by her famous daughter. But she could not keep her mother's death private because of all trolls and memes circulated on Twitter

Lots of trolls and memes spread false rumors that Lisa did not take care of her mother and left her at a nursing home to die. 

The owner of SUR restaurant got furious and shared that the cause of her mother's death was DVT

She tweeted and shared that DVT stands for Deep Vein Thrombosis, a blood clot that forms in a vein deep in the body and can break loose and cause a severe lung problem. 

Lisa requested everyone to be respectful and wants to keep further details about her mother private. 

Jean Vanderpump's daughter Lisa and grandson Max
Jean Vanderpump's daughter Lisa and grandson Max  Source: Instagram

Excited For Her Grandchild

Lisa Vanderpump gave an interview to the Access where she talked about her being a grandmom and her show. 

She started the interview by talking about her being a grandmom. She showed how happy and excited she is to be a grandmom. 

The interviewer told Lisa that she is much younger to be a grandmother, but Lisa said she is at the right age to be a grandmother, but thanks to her some people, she doesn’t look that older. 

Lisa had a very hard time last year as she lost her mom and brother. Not only that, but she also lost Jiggy, who was like a family to her. 

Because of this hard loss, she was devastated. She opened up that her daughter Pandora was not much comfortable talking about her newborn, but as her daughter was growing up, she started talking about her baby. 

Lisa said that she would be the worst grandmom as she was planning to spoil her grandchild by giving her lots of love. 

She will give her granddaughter everything that she wants. She won’t be saying no to her and fulfill each and every wish of her granddaughter. 

She wants her new baby girl to love her more than anyone, and whatever happens, she wants her baby girl to come to her.

After that, Lisa talked about the new season of RHOBH. She said that she is not allowed to open up about its release date, but she said that the teaser would be out soon, and so will be the show too.

They have ended filming, and in this new season, Lisa will be seen struggling with her mental position. There has also been a small heated argument. In this new show, a lot of funny things will be seen.

Net Worth

The academic life, career, and profession of Jean were never disclosed. The net worth of her daughter is structured below:

Net WorthSources
$90 millionRestaurateurs, media personality, author 

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. Jean died at the age of eighty-four.
  2. Her nationality was British.
  3. She lived in Swindon, the United Kingdom, during her last days.
  4. Her height and weight were never disclosed.

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