Max Todd- Cute Adopted Son Of Lisa Vanderpump

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Max Todd- Cute Adopted Son Of Lisa Vanderpump

Max Todd is the adopted son of a British restaurateur, television personality, author, and actress Lisa Vanderpump.

Family of Max Todd

His father's name is Ken Todd, born on July 21, 1945. He is a renowned restaurateur.

His mother's name is Lisa Vanderpump. She was born on September 15, 1960, in Dulwich, London, United Kingdom.

His parents got married back in 1982. They have two children together.

Max with his parents and big sister Pandora Todd
Max with his parents and big sister Pandora Todd  Source: Instagram 

Max was adopted by his parents when he was a baby. 

He has a big sister named Pandora Todd. She is married to Jason Sabo since August 2011.

Max Todd sister Pandora Todd
Max Todd sister Pandora Todd     Source: Instagram

About Mother 

On September 15, 1960, she was born in Dulwich, London, United Kingdom, to John Vanderpump and Jean Vanderpump.

She also had a brother named Mark Vanderpump, who unfortunately passed away. 

At the age of nine, Lisa was a full-time drama student.

Max Todd mother Lisa Vanderpump
Max Todd mother Lisa Vanderpump    Source: Instagram

In her childhood days, Lisa starred in numerous films and television shows. Back in the 1973s, she made her film debut in "A Touch of Class."

From the 1970s to the 1990s, she played minor roles in different television programs.

Back in the 1980s, she was featured in different music videos songs like "Poison Arrow," "Mantrap," and "In the name of love."

In March 2014, Lisa was again featured in the music video for "G.U.Y." by Lady Gaga.

In 2010, she debuted Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as an original cast member.

After nine seasons in 2019, she announced her departure from the show because of the puppy gate scandal.

Lisa also competed on Dancing with the Stars in its 16th season.

She was partnered with Gleb Savchenko with a professional dancer.

Gleb and Lisa were the second couples who got eliminated from the show.

Parents Married Life

Lisa and Ken Todd were engaged six weeks after meeting back in 1982.

The couple got married within three months at United Reformed Church after their engagement.

The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Pandora on May 7, 1986.
Then adopted a son named Max when he was six months old. Max was born on December 7, 1991.

In 2004, Lisa's long side with her husband and children moved to Los Angeles, California.

Then bought a house in the community of Beverly Park. Then in 2011, they sold their home for $18.8 million.

Then bought a house in the neighborhood of Benedict Canyon for $12 million.

She and her husband Ken own five restaurants in California.

In August 2013, a lawsuit against Lisa and her husband was filed by Ryan Allen Carrillo and Andrew Gruber.

Max Todd with his family
Max Todd with his family  Source: Instagram

Gruber and Carrillo also claimed that the couple unfairly snatched the place where they intended to open a gay sports bar.

Living a rich and famous life 

Max’s mom Lisa gave an interview to “ABC News” where her rich life has been discussed. Lisa has got a lot of fame from her show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

She was already rich, but the show gave her a chance to earn popularity. Besides acting, she is also a successful businesswoman. She is 52 years old and has two children. Lisa is very proud of what she is now. 

Besides being so rich and popular, she thought of doing the dance show “Dancing with the Stars,” and when she was asked about that, she replied that she wanted to do it because she found it interesting and felt like doing it. 

She also has a Russian dance partner, and his name is Gleb Savchenko. Her partner is 20 years younger than her but they have good chemistry while dancing. 

She also has another show named Vanderpump Rules, where she manages a group of young people as a worker of her restaurant. 

She adores her two children, who are the priority of her life. 

Lisa was also asked about her sex life as she had been married to her husband for 30 years, for which she replied that the romance in their marriage life is still the same. 

According to her, the best way to support their children is to make them independent so that they earn by themselves with their hard work to value it. 

Although she is wealthy, she doesn’t give money to her children because she doesn’t want to be the reason behind them being spoiled. Her son and daughter are now very successful, and it’s all because of the hard work that they did.   

To know more, do check the full interview

Lisa's hair stuck in a man's coat

Lisa gave an interview with Larry King, where she answered some of Larry's questions. 

She was asked about one of the funniest fan encounters, and she said that she had many and shared about the recent funny encounter. 

She was in her restaurant when a person came a hugged her; she hugged that person, but her hair got stuck on the button of that man's coat, and she had to stay like that for a very long time with that man. 

Larry then wanted to know where people could find Lisa on her day off. She said that she stays in her house with her animals and does cooking when she has her day off. 

She has many animals. She has two horses, seven dogs, eight swans and seven turtles. She said that she has big and small dogs, and all the dogs get along. 

She opened up that she loves spending time with her animals. She then shared one good piece of advice, and it was to find a job that one loves so that they won't have to work the rest of their life. 

Larry asked Lisa about her biggest regret, and she said that her biggest regret was not having many children. 

She was asked about the risk that she took in her life, and for that, she replied saying getting married at the age of 21. She is now a mother of two children. 

One of the sons is adopted and opened up that she is working on her marriage till now. 

Lisa said that she started doing a job when she was 14, and the first job she did was working in a sweet shop. 

Larry wanted to know whom Lisa would take to lunch. 

Lisa said that she would take Winston Churchill to the lunch because she is obsessed with him, and she loved every document of Winston

She mentioned that Winston has a great sense of humor and thinks he is amazing.

Net Worth 

Both Max and his mother Lisa income and net worth are structured below:

 Max ToddLisa Vanderpump  (mother)
Net worth $75million $90 million 
Source Reality star British restaurateur, television personality, author, and actress

Age, Height and, Weight 

  1. He is twenty-nine years old.
  2. He is more than 5 feet while his weight has not been disclosed.
  3. Max is the adopted son of Lisa and Ken.

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