Who Is Jeremy Sarmiento's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

by Pragya Sun Sep 11 2022 Updated On Sat Nov 19 2022
Who Is Jeremy Sarmiento's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Jeremy Sarmiento is a professional Ecuadorian football player. He currently plays for the team Brighton and Hove Albion as a winger.

He was raised by his parents in Madrid, Spain. He has his birthday on 16th June. He is an Ecuadorian citizen by his nationality.

Jeremy Sarmiento during the match.
Jeremy Sarmiento during the match. Source: Instagram

Who is Jeremy Dating?

Jeremy doesn't have a girlfriend, he is single. 

Age And Net Worth 

Jeremy is 20 years old. His net worth is estimated to be $1- $5 Million

Jeremy Sarmiento posing for a photo.
Jeremy Sarmiento posing for a photo. Source: Instagram

Jeremy Got Matured In A Young Age

Jeremy didn’t have a very normal life as a child. Being originally from Ecuador, he stayed in Madrid, Spain as an immigrant. 

He couldn’t return to his home country because of various reasons, but he didn’t want to stay in Spain as well. 

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As he was different in the form of looks and speaking, he felt left out. 

He revealed that he didn’t have any friends to play with. So he grew up all alone, playing along on his own. 

After that, his family moved to London, and it was more rough, according to Jeremy. 

He opened up that he went through a lot worst in his young days, and that made him mature at a young age.

Jeremy Changed His Nationality

Jeremy was struggling as a football player as he was not getting enough opportunities to play in the main team in any club. 

He was selected to be in the national team of England at a young, but they said that he will be out of the team if he didn’t get enough playtime in the club. 

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But Jeremy didn’t think that he must play for the English national team. 

Instead, he and his dad talked with each other and decided that they will go back to Ecuador and play for their home country.

Having Ecuadorian blood, was a proud decision for him and his family. 

He was welcomed there in his home country, and as his past generation were all born and raised in Ecuador, it was a big deal for him. 

Jeremy Went To Rehabilitation

Jeremy had an injury in the 2021/2022 season which made him stay outside the pitch for a long time. 

He was supposed to be out for about 14 weeks. He was hence sent to a rehabilitation center for his quick recovery. 

He was working his best to get into form. 

He was going the gym every day, he was swimming and did all the physical exercises to get physically fit. 

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To his surprise, his hard work did pay off as Jeremy was healing quite fast than expected. 

He was stated to be fully fit by 11 to 12 weeks if he continued the same routine and worked as much as he can.

Jeremy Will Always Keep The Memory In Heart

Jeremy got a second chance as he moved to Ecuador from England to play for his national team. 

He had never felt so great in his life as he was instantly given the opportunity to play for the starting team in the nationals.

He was nervous for a time as it was his debut match for the national team.

But he knew his ability, so he went there and played his part calmly. 

Once he got used to playing, he then lost his nervousness and enjoyed the moments of the match. 

Saying that he also revealed that as it was a great opportunity for him and his first life experience, it stayed in his heart.

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