John Elordi- Truth About Jacob Elordi's Father

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John Elordi- Truth About Jacob Elordi's Father

John Elordi is the father of famous Australian actor Jacob Elordi

The date of birth of John is not available. So does his birthplace. 

John Elordi with his son Jacob Elordi
John Elordi with his son Jacob Elordi  Source: Instagram

Whom Did John Get Married To, And How Many Children Did He Have?

Melissa Elordi is the wife of John. Jacob has said that he has three sisters, which means John and Melissa have four children. 

But the name of their three children are only available and they are Isabella Elordi, Jalynn Elordi, and Jacob

Isabella is the eldest sister among the three of them. 

She is 25 years old. Moreover, her exact date of birth is not available. She is a photographer and ballet dancer.

Jacob is 24 years old. He is the mid-child. Jalynn is the youngest among all. She is 22 years old.

They love to keep their personal information secret, so there is not much information about them. 

John Elordi with his wife and children
John Elordi with his wife and children Source: We Heart It

Jacob Takes Selfie On Stranger's Phone

Jacob gave an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he talked about his character and parents. He started the interview by talking about New York

His mom and dad were also there during Jacob's interview, but they sat with the audience and watched his interview. 

It was Jacob's first interview in Jimmy's show, and his parents were also there in that show for the first time. Jacob said that he had spent much in New York

He is originally from Australia, and he moved with his parents to New York with his mom and dad when he was eight years old. He opened up about his father surprising him with a Knicks game. 

He is a big fan of basketball, and he got really happy when his dad surprised him with a Knicks game. 

He said that he had news for his parents and said he would be taking his parents to watch the Knicks game the next day of the interview. 

Jacob has gained lots of popularity through his role in the Netflix series Euphoria, and Jimmy congratulated Jacob for the hit of Euphoria's season two. 

Jacob said that he never thought Euphoria would be such a hit. Euphoria's season 2 crashed the whole website, and many people watched the show, which was crazy. 

He then talked about the wax figure of him that was being made, and the strangest thing that he saw in that process was people wearing paparazzi and celebrity-printed t-shirts. 

Jacob then opened up about his habit of taking photos on a stranger's phone. He recalled an incident when he was in a bar and took a selfie on a stranger's phone. 

After that, he talked about his character in Euphoria. Jacob is seen playing the character named Nate, who is a bad guy, but after some episodes, he gets changed. 

He gets brutally beaten by a person at a bar, and after that, he is seen little changed than before. 

Jacob said that he felt really bad for his character, and if he were not in his character, he would beat that person. But it was his role, so he had to take the beating.

Age and Height

The age, height, weight of John is not available. 

However, John’s nationality is also not mentioned on the internet, but as all of his family members are Australian, he might be an Australian, and his religion is Christian

Net Worth 

John is famous for his son’s fame. The information regarding his net worth and income source is not available. 

However, his children have earned a good amount of income.  
Elordi’s both daughters are a photographer.

According to the salary distributor of Australia, an average salary of a photographer is $50 to $70 thousand per year.

And his son Jacob has earned a net worth of $ 1 million. Jacob’s source of income is acting and modeling.

Except this, he also earns a good amount from social media like Instagram, which has 72.4k followers. 

Who is Jacob Elordi? 

The full name of Jacob is Jacob Nathaniel Elordi. He is an Australian actor

He was born on 26 June 1997 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He is 24 years old.

The handsome young man is worldwide famous for his role in Netflix’s show The Kissing Booth, which is a teen film franchise and a series named Euphoria on HBO

John Elordi's son Jacob Elordi
John Elordi's son Jacob Elordi  Source: Instagram

Slang Language Taught By Jacob 

A year ago, Jacob was in Vanity fair where he was teaching people the Australian slang word. 

It was a fun episode of vanity fair that got 1.7 million views and 61 k likes followed by zero dislikes which shows that Jacob has a won heart of a lot of people. 

Jacob started with an Australian Slang word, “milo, which means an Australian chocolatey drink. 

It is a kind of sports breakfast drink.  According to Jacob, a slang word for patriotic chant is “Aussie,” “Aussie,” “Aussie,” “oi,” “oi,” “oi.” 

A fresh slice of bread with a thick layer of salty butter is called Fairy Bread in Australia

Similarly, he has taught another Australian slang word like Maggot, which means a fully drunken state.  

Rumor On The Set Of Euphoria

There was a huge rumor on the set of HBO series Euphoria on social media. 

Most of the media reporters spread a rumor about the toxic environment on the set of the HBO series Euphoria.  

They claim that the working days were too long. 

However, Jacob took this rumor positively and replied peacefully, saying, for him working a long work is the greatest joy. 

He can work for long hours easily. 

His biggest motivation to work long hours is Sam and Zendaya, who work twice and thrice hard of his work.

Some Unknown Facts Of John’s Son

An interesting and less known fact about Jacob is he has a female pet dog. 

Her name is Hound. For Jacob, she is a natural actress. 

He said in an interview with Vogue that she does not perform for the camera. She acts naturally. 

He loves his pet very much. He spent much of his time with his pet.  
Another interesting fact about is Jacob is his height. He is too tall. He is 6ft 5 inches tall.

In one of his interviews, he said that he had to lie his height so that he can begin his acting career. 

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