Melissa Elordi- Truth About Jacob Elordi Mother

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Melissa Elordi- Truth About Jacob Elordi Mother

Melissa Elordi is the mother of Australian actor Jacob Elordi. Melissa is married to John Elordi

She has three children, Jacob, Jalynn Elordi and Isabella Elordi with her husband, John Elordi.

She is from Queensland. She is an Australian citizen by her nationality. 

Melissa Elordi's husband John Elordi and son Jacob Elordi
Melissa Elordi's husband John Elordi and son Jacob Elordi Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Melissa's Son Jacob 

He is dating Olivia Jade, who is an influencer.

They started dating each other in 2021

Jacob's Past Relationships

Before getting into a relationship with Olivia, Jacob was dating Kaia Gerber, a well-known model. 

They started dating back in 2020.

Jacob and Kaia ended their relationship in 2021.

Melissa Elordi three children
Melissa Elordi's three children   Source: Pinterest

Jacob Elordi’s Height Became Problem For Acting 

Jacob gave an interview to CQ in 2021, where he answered every question his fans asked about him. 

As he is a phenomenal actor, there is no doubt that he wouldn’t get a movie. But because of his height of 6.5 feet, he was told by many people that his height was too tall for an actor. 

Any normal actress would look too short in front of him, which would make it difficult to shoot. 

He was also nervous and scared about his career as an actor. But now, he is one of the leading young talents, and his height is not an issue. 

He also agreed with one of the questions that he learned to ride a motorcycle for the movie Kissing Booth

He was given a motorbike with no idea of how to ride. He was in South Africa at the time, where he was left alone sideways to figure out to learn to ride. 

He revealed in the interview that he fell off many times, but he did learn to ride finally, which could be seen in the movie itself.

About his past, he revealed that his mother didn’t allow him to ride a motorbike and never bought him one. 

But now, he seems to love it, so he expressed that he wants to buy a motorbike. He also revealed his cooking in the interview.

He said he was not just a bad cook but didn’t know how to cook. He can just make bread and jam in the name of food. 

He also talked about self-love in the interview while answering his fans. He expressed that no one should copy others or try to be like others. 

They should appreciate how they are and who they are. 


Jacob is 24 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jacob is $3 Million. His source of income comes from being a professional actor.

Comfortable Getting Naked

While playing the series Euphoria, Jacob had to get shirtless and be naked a lot of times. 

He had some problems at first, but later he felt comfortable doing naked scenes. 

He was initially not informed about being naked onscreen, but he already did get the vibes as he was playing the character of a muscular young boy and had intimate scenes in the script. 

Also, he has had an intimacy coordinator with him in all the seasons of the series. 

According to Jacob, his intimacy coordinator is like a mother to him. It is because she is so caring and patience while teaching. 

She never missed asking if he was comfortable or not. He also revealed that he feels like he is with his family rather than on a film set. 

Hence he feels comfortable being naked in front of the family rather than among the unknown faces. 

He is, therefore, comfortable on set doing naked and intimate scenes.

Jacob Doesn't Feel Like An Actor

Jacob is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. 

He is well known for his role in the famous Netflix series Euphoria

Jacob has been in his acting career for many years and has played in many series and movies. 

But the actor is not happy with his acting career and feels that he hasn't made it to that acting career that he wished for. 

The movie he had played had never been released in theaters. 

He has been interested in acting since his teenage days, and he always thought of being an actor. 

Although he is an actor now, he still feels incomplete because his movies aren't released.

Melissa Elordi with her son Jacob Elordi
Melissa Elordi with her son Jacob Elordi  Source: Pinterest

Jacob Had Crush On Interviewer

Jacob gave an interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live,". He talked about his show, crush and many more. 

The show was hosted by a guest host named Julie Bowen, and it was her first time hosting a show. 

Jacob then said that he was very nervous about being in the interview with Julie Bowen

Jacob opened up that he had a huge crush on Julie in his teenage time, and he is a big fan of hers which made him nervous In front of her. 

The interviewer quickly got up from her seat and ran to kiss Jacob as she was really happy to hear those words from Jacob.

Living In A Dangerous Place

Jacob originally belongs to Australia. He has also bought his own house in the country in the middle of green land. 

But according to the host, many people in America believe that there are a lot of species that can kill you in Australia and think why people live there. 

Jacob then agreed that there were a lot of dangerous species around his house as well. 

But growing up in such an environment, he is not scared to stay there. 

He also revealed that he had once seen a bunch of snakes around his house and talked about the poisonous spider that wandered around there. 

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