Who Is John Paul Sarkisian? Late Father Of Cher

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John Paul Sarkisian was the father of American singer and actress Cher

John was born in 1926 and had his birthday on March 23. He was a professional truck driver

He died in the year 1985. He was an Armenian–American citizen by his nationality. 

John Paul Sarkisian's ex-wife and their daughter.
John Paul Sarkisian's ex-wife and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of John 

John was married to Georgia Holt, the late American singer and songwriter

The couple married in 1946 but ended up divorcing a year later. They were parents to a  daughter named Cher.

However, 19 years after their divorce, they decided to give their marriage another chance, so they reunited again. 

They tied the knot for the second time in 1965 but unfortunately couldn’t make their marriage work, so they got divorced again in 1966

Georgia married Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere for short time, who adopted her daughters Georganne Lapiere and Cher.

Age And Net Worth 

John was 58 years old at the time of his death. His net worth is unknown; however, his daughter Cher has a net worth of $360 Million

John's Wife Tried To Abort His Child

John and his former wife’s marriage ended too quickly. They married two times but still couldn’t make their marriage work. 

His former wife Georgia got pregnant with their daughter Cher when their relationship was rough. 

Georgia didn’t want to keep John’s child as their marriage was on the verge of ending, so she tried to abort their unborn baby, Cher

She visited a doctor to get rid of the baby, but it wasn’t as easy as she thought. 

She was already at the doctor's office for her abortion but flipped at the last moment. She couldn't do it and then decided to keep the baby. 

John Paul Sarkisian's daughter Cher.
John Paul Sarkisian's daughter Cher. Source: Instagram

John Became A Stranger To His Daughter

John’s daughter Cher was born when his marriage was ended. His former wife took their daughter and went away. 

Because of that, he and his daughter never met each other for 11 years

When his daughter was 11 years old, his former wife Georgia invited him to dinner and asked Cher if she wanted to meet her father. 

Cher never saw John, nor did her mother ever talk about him. So, for her, John was a stranger. 

Cher had no excitement about meeting John, but still, she agreed. 

After 11 years, when John’s daughter saw him, she felt that she looked a lot like John

She found John attractive and wanted to like him but couldn’t. John just became a stranger who was beautiful and looked like her.

Cher Is A Shy Person

In the interview with Jimmy Fallon, Cher opened up about her being a shy woman. 

The interviewer was shocked when he heard Cher say she was shy, so he showed her some pictures of her in a sexy outfit. 

Cher said that it’s not the same and explained about her shyness. She feels awful about her shyness but can’t help it. 

She talked about her Broadway show, where she had put on things that nobody knew about, and because of that, she was embarrassed to watch her play. 

There are things in her Broadway, her ugly moments and the things that happened to BTS, which make her cry. 

She doesn’t feel like watching it, but still, she manages and cries because she can’t resist those parts of her life.

Cher Got Plastic Surgery

Cher is currently 77 years old. However, looking at her appearance, no one could say that she is in her 70s

She still looks young and beautiful, and the reason behind her youthful look is plastic surgery. 

Cher has admitted that she has undergone plastic surgery for her nose and fixing her teeth with braces. 

She went through breast implantation and upliftment to get the desired breast size and shape. 

She also had done a nose job to fix her nose and a lip filler. 

However, there have been rumors of her removing ribs and uplifting her cheek, which she denied. 

She never thought people would make such a big issue about facial changes.

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