Jon Aitchison

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Jon Aitchison

Jon Aitchison is the father of  English singer and songwriter Charlie XCX. Jon is married to Shameera, who was a nurse and former flight attendant. 

His wife belonged to an Indian family. Jon himself was an entrepreneur and former book shopkeeper by his profession.  

He is an English citizen by his nationality. 

Jon Aitchison wife Shameera and daughter Charlie XCX
Jon Aitchison wife Shameera and daughter Charlie XCX  Source: Twitter

Relationship Status Of Charlie XCX

Charlie was in a relationship with Ryan Andrews previously.  Ryan is a filmmaker and director of music videos.  

Ryan was very helpful to Charlie at the starting of her career. He helped her to direct all the music videos at the beginning of his music career. 

Their relationship was for very short period as the couple decided to separate after dating for a very short time.

Charlie then dated Huck Kwong. They both started dating in 2019, but they had also dated back in 2014 for some time. 

They knew each other from the very beginning as Huck used to be Charlie’s classmate and had been good friends before having an affair with each other.

They fell in love and started dating in 2014 and later broke up that same year.

After that, they again thought of giving a chance to each other, and they reunited in 2019. They are still together.

Charlie with her boyfriend, Huck
Charlie with her boyfriend, Huck  Source: Instagram

About Charlie XCX

Charlie's birth name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison was born on August 2, 1992.  She is known as Charlie XCX professionally. 

Her parents raised her in Essex. She faced difficulties while starting her career in music as her parents are not from a musical background and they were not happy with her decision. 

But later, she received full support from her parents. She released her album with the help of her parents when she was 14

Some of her best albums are Boys, Charlie and Boom Clap. She had also received too many awards for her brilliants songs and music 

Jon Aitchison  daughter Charlie XCX
Jon Aitchison  daughter Charlie XCX   Source: Instagram

Charlie Blamed For Self Pleasuring Herself On A Show

A time back, Charlie was invited to a talk show hosted by famous DJ Giel Beelen. The Dj was trying to be very cheap with her from the beginning, and he said good morning to her in a very seducing way. 

He also blamed Charlie saying that she was sexually pleasuring herself. His words made Charlie pissed off and uncomfortable. 

After returning from the show, she tweeted about this. But that DJ was so shameless that he replied, taking it as a joke.

Charlie Was About To End Her Relationship

The famous musician Charlie has been dating her boyfriend, Huck Kwong, for a long time. 

As they both were in a long-distance relationship, they hardly got time to meet with each other. Because of their busy schedule and work pressure, the distance between them was increasing day by day. 

They started to think that their relationship was not working and they should end and move on with their life. But in 2020, due to the emergence of the COVID-19 virus, there was lockdown everywhere and they decided to live together

As they could spend time with each other, they knew their importance and started to appreciate each other. Quarantine saved their relationship and gave them a chance to live together.


His exact age is not available however his daughter age is 29 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Charlie is $10 Million. Her source of income is singing. 

The yearly income of an English singer is estimated to be 46,104 pounds per year. 

Jon’s Daughter Charlie Blamed For Copying

Back in 2016, Jon’s daughter Charlie signed a contract with Impulse Fragrance Company for a photoshoot.  

Charlie, along with her photographer, was really confused about the theme. Then suddenly they thought of lemon tree and green leaves stroke their mind and started shooting according to that.

After seeing those photos, Marina commented, saying that Charlie is a copycat. On the other hand, Charlie was confused about that comment. 

Later it was found that the same theme idea had been used by Marina’s artwork, too, and after knowing that, she immediately responded her saying that she was unknown about that and it was just by chance that their theme idea matched. 

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