Who Is Jonathan Berkery? Son of Tom Jones

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Who Is Jonathan Berkery? Son of Tom Jones

Jonathan Berkery is the son of Tom Jones, a Welsh singer. His mom is Katherine Berkery.

Jonathan Berkery with his mom.
Jonathan Berkery with his mom. Source: Pinterest

Tom, Abandoned His Son Jonathan

Jonathan was born in the United States on June 27, 1988

His zodiac sign is Cancer. Jonathan's mom Katherine Berkery used to be a model

She met the singer Tom in 1987 when he was touring the USA

They had a short romantic fling, and later Katherine found out she was pregnant with their child. 

There was a lengthy legal argument about whether Tom was Jonathan's dad. 

In 1989 a court in the US confirmed through a DNA test that Tom was the father even though Tom denied it. 

Katherine has Asian roots and was adopted by an American family when she was young. She worked in modeling and then in real estate. 

She met Tom while he was on tour. In 2008, Tom finally admitted that he was Jonathan’s biological father. 

However, he didn’t want a relationship with him. He blamed Katherine for making him a father without his consent. 

After the paternity was confirmed in 1989, Tom paid money to Katherine in an out-of-court agreement. 

He also had to give her monthly alimony for Jonathan’s support until he turned 18

But beyond the money, Tom and Jonathan never met in person.

Tom has another son named Mark Jones Woodward.

He has Mark with his wife, Melinda Rose Trenchard. Mark is the first son of Tom

Jonathan Life After Father's Abandonment 

Jonathan had a tough life. 

He has struggled to make a career as a musician and has faced many difficulties. 

He didn’t have a stable place to live and sometimes had to stay in shelters or on park benches because he didn’t have a home. 

He began to take drugs to cope with his feelings of being rejected by his father. He has been arrested multiple times because of his involvement with drugs. 

Jonathan Berkery's father Tom Jones.
Jonathan Berkery's father, Tom Jones. Source: Instagram


Jonathan is currently 35 years old. 

Net Worth

Tom's net worth is about $300 Million.

Tom's Extramarital Affair With Elvis Presley

Tom talked about his bromance with Elvis Presley, a legendary singer. 

Tom reflected on his close friendship with Elvis Presley sharing cherished memories of their time. 

He recalled their initial meeting and the strong connection they developed due to their mutual experiences in the music world.

Tom affectionately recalls moments from their friendship, including a humorous incident when Elvis sang in the shower. 

Throughout the video, he reminisces about their special bond portraying their relationship as a heartfelt bromance. 

Death Of Tom's Wife

Tom was seen as attractive to many people, but there was one person who was indeed the love of his life, his late wife, Linda.

In a recent interview, Tom talked about her importance to him. 

When asked if he would find love again, he answered saying never.

He said she has a big part of him, and he won't find love again after her. 

He explained that Linda was the only true love of his life, and he wished she was still alive so they could have grown old together. 

Tom also shared that they fell in love when they were just 12 years old. They have known each other since childhood and love each other.  

Linda is Tom’s childhood sweetheart and wife, who died when she was 75 due to lung cancer in 2006

Her death was tough on Tom and their son Mark

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