Who Is Melinda Trenchard? Late Wife Of Tom Jones

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Who Is Melinda Trenchard? Late Wife Of Tom Jones

Melinda Trenchard is the late wife of Welsh singer Tom Jones. She got married to Tom when he was just 19 in 1957

They were married for almost sixty years. They had a son together, Mark Woodward. Both of them were childhood sweethearts. 

She passed away in 2016 at 75 after battling lung cancer

Melinda Trenchard's husband and their son.
Melinda Trenchard's husband and their son. Source: Pinterest

Tom Has Multiple Affairs

Tom has a controversial love affair, and he is open about taking his love affair. 

He admitted that he was not loyal to his wife Melinda during their marriage, as he had been intimate with hundreds of women at the peak of his career. 

He shared that when his wife discovered his affair with former Miss World Marjorie Wallace, she shouted and punched him. 

He also had a son Jonathan Berkery from his affair with Katherine Berkery. But Tom doesn't want Jonathan in his life and abandoned him.

Melinda Trenchard with her husband, Tom Jones.
Melinda Trenchard with her husband, Tom Jones. Source" Pinterest


Her husband, Tom, is 83 years old.

Net Worth

Tom's net worth is estimated to be $ 330 million.  

Elvish Presley Was Tom's Idol

Tom met his idol in 1965 in Hollywood. Tom always admired Elvish, and both have some similarities in terms of music. 

He said he went to Los Angeles to talk about a song for a movie. 

When he was in the studio, they told him that Elvish was present and wanted to see him, so he went to meet him on set. 

He said Elvish was in a fake helicopter, and he got out of it and walked towards him. 

He joked that Elvish was singing with his hands while walking towards him. 

Elvish asked him how he could sing like that, and he said he got the inspiration to sing like that from him. They became friends after that.

Tom Talked About His Bromance With Elvish

Tom and Elvish were best friends. Tom shared they used to meet each other whenever they had time. 

He said he used to stay at his place sometime, and vice versa.

Elvish was asked to do a song, but he said the song would be perfect if Tom sang it. 

He came to pitch the song to him on his show. When he left the stage, he told him he had a piece for him.

Tom said that he had to shower, so he went to the bathroom to freshen up, and when he was washing his hair, he heard Elvish singing a song. 

Elvish stood outside his shower door, and Tom had soap all over his eyes. When he got out of his shower, he realized Elvish was using his toilet. 

Tom was naked, and Elvish was half-naked. He was singing to him, and his pants were down.

Tom told him about his pants, and when Elvish realized it, his face turned red. 

Music Saved Tom's Life

Tom said his wife had lung cancer, and it was too late to treat it. 

He said that incident took a tremendous toll on him, and they have known each other since they were 12 years old.

He said she had been with him all his life. After her death, he was unsure if he could continue to live or sing like before. 

His son and his daughter-in-law told him if he would not sing, then he would die. They told him how he could stop singing just like that. 

He realized that he could not leave music like that, so he tried to sing. He gathered some musicians and tried to sing with them. 

He said music has become more important to him than before. 

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