Jordan White

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Jordan White

Jordan White is the husband of Dexter Keaton, the adopted daughter of famous American actress Diane Keaton

Diane's the daughter of Dorothy Deanne and John Newton Ignatius. She has two siblings. 

Jordan White with his wife Dexter Keaton
Jordan White with his wife Dexter Keaton   Source: Instagram 

Marriage And Children

He married his wife Dexter on 12 June 2021 after having love affairs for several years. 

They began dating in June 2019. They got engaged in November 2020.

Jordan proposed his girlfriend in a very romantic way with a diamond ring. Here is the photo of their big engagement day.

Jordan White with then girlfriend Dexter Keaton
Jordan White with then girlfriend Dexter Keaton   Source: Instagram

They took their wedding vows in front of their family and friends. The couple is happily spending their married life in their new home. They have no children yet.

About Diane Keaton 

Diane's full name Diana Hall Keaton was born on 5 January 1946. She is well known for her distinctive personality and fashion sense.

She was raised in Los Angles by her parents with her siblings.

She has also adopted a son named Duke Keaton who is dating Kate Edmiston

She started her career as an actress in 1968 after showing her presence in the theatre play Hair. 

Some of her movies are The Godfather, Love, and Death and Sleeper. She has also won many awards for her brilliant acting skills. 

She isn't married but has adopted two girls and raised them as her own children.

Diane Is Obsessed With Instagram

Diane is one the famous actress who has done many movies while she was in the film industry. 

As she is in her 70s and took a break from acting, she is now on Instagram as an influencer. 

She shares her fashion idea on Instagram. She started her Instagram journey in 2015, and as of 2021, she has more than one million followers. 

Before Instagram, she used to be obsessed with Pinterest. On Instagram, she shares her outfits pictures in which she looks stunning and influences others to follow her fashion sense. 

Her whole Instagram feed is filled with black and white outfits, which attracts more people.

Relationship Status Of Diane Keaton

Diane was in a relationship with Warren Beatty previously. They both dated back in 1979 while they were working on a movie named Reds

Their relationship was very short-lived as they both separated after they were done with that movie. 

Before getting in a relationship with Warren, she had a long relationship with Woody Allen. They both lived together while they were doing a movie. 

Woody and Keaton both went for dinner, and after that their working relationship changed into a romantic relationship. 

Keaton then dated Al Pacino, who is also an actor. They both co-starred each other in a movie named The Godfather

They both got separated after they were done with the third part of The Godfather. She hasn't married till now, and as of today, she is single. 

Diane with her daughter and son-in-law
Diane with her daughter and son-in-law   Source: Instagram 


His exact birthday is unknown. He celebrates his birthday on 27 April. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Diane is $100 Million. Her source income is acting and fashion stylist. 

The yearly income of an actress is $218,000 Million per year.

Diane Keaton Supported A Molester

The famous director Woody was accused by his ex-wife Mia Farrow of trying to molest his daughter. 

This allegation ruined Woody Allen's whole life. Although Woody opened up in an interview, saying that he didn't molest his daughter, everyone denied believing him. 

But some big famous people did support Allen and spoke in his favor including Diane was also on. 

Diane had worked with Allen for more than a decade. She had a long professional relationship with Woody Allen

She disbelieved that allegation made to him. As many people left his side, Diane defended Allen, saying that he is her good friend and she continue to believe him.

Diane Injured While Shooting

Diane is a very famous actress who gave her whole life in acting career. She was very hardworking and dedicated to her work. 

Back in time, when Diane was shooting for her movie Morning Glory, she fell and got hit on head badly. 

After that accident, she was immediately taken to the hospital for tests. 

She was lucky that she didn't hurt her head that badly. The doctors told him to stay and rest for a day and permitted her to work the next day.

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