Who is Jose F. Daccarett? Father Of Sofia Carson

by Slisha Sun Sep 11 2022 Updated On Mon Dec 12 2022
Who is Jose F. Daccarett? Father Of Sofia Carson

Jose F. Daccarett is the father of Sofia Carson

Sofia is a famous singer and actor whose real name is Sofia Daccarett Char.

Jose has two daughters, including Sofia, with his beloved wife, Laura Char Carson. His younger daughter's name is Paulina Char.

Paulina is also a famous personality on the social media platform.

Jose F. Daccarett's wife and children.
Jose F. Daccarett's wife and children. Source: Instagram

His Love Life

Jose fell in love with his beloved wife Laura many years ago. The couple started dating many years back. 

It is said that when Jose relocated from Columbia to Florida for his studies at Florida Atlantic University, he met his beloved wife, Laura

Though the couple is originally from Colombia, they started their family in Florida.

The couple tied the knot many years ago and gave birth to two beautiful daughters. 

The couple welcomed their first child Sofia in 1993. After two years, they welcomed their second child, Paulina, born in 1995.

Family of Jose F. Daccarett.
Family of Jose F. Daccarett. Source: Instagram

Is His Daughter Sofia Dating Someone?

Sofia was linked and rumored to be dating Manolo Gonzalez Vergara in past. But she has not confirmed.

Jose F. Daccarett with his daughter, Sofia Carson.
Jose F. Daccarett with his daughter, Sofia Carson. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Jose's was born on the 9th of September. He is a Virgo by his zodiac sign. 

Talking about his daughters Sofia and Paulina, they are 29 and 27 years old, respectively. 

Sofia was born on the 10th of April, 1993, whereas her sister was born on the 12th of July, 1995, in Florida, United States.

Their zodiac signs are Aires and cancer, respectively.

Jose's net worth is unknown.

His daughter Sofia has a net worth of 6 million dollars. Her annual salary is more than 400,000 dollars.

Wife's Side Of The Family Is Politicians

Jose's wife Laura is a part of a strong family native of Barranquilla, Colombia.

All the members of Laura's family were popular and established in different positions as successful businessmen and politicians

She instead of using her real surname Daccarett, used her grandmother's surname Carson as her stage name.  

The main reason behind Sofia taking her grandmother's name is to honor her.

Jose F. Daccarett with his daughter, Paulina Char.
Jose F. Daccarett with his daughter, Paulina Char. Source: Instagram

Sofia Knew She Wanted To Become An Artist Since Her Childhood

Sofia since her childhood knew what she wanted to become. 

She started engaging herself in different types of artistic activities in her childhood. 

She has practiced different activities like ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and many more. 

This talented artist started taking lessons and training in childhood. 

She was ensured that she would do her best in everything she was interested in. 

From a very young age, Sofia used to participate in different events and competitions to showcase her talents. 

She was also part of local theater and musical events.

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