Who Is Jose Fernandes? Father Of Bruno Fernandes

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Who Is Jose Fernandes? Father Of Bruno Fernandes

Jose Fernandes is the father of Portuguese football player Bruno Fernandes. He's married to his wife, Virginia Borges

He has two sons, including Bruno with Virgina. His son Bruno is known for being a player for the football club Manchester United

He is a Portuguese-Swiss citizen by his nationality.  

Jose Fernandes with son Bruno Fernandes
Jose Fernandes with son Bruno Fernandes Source: Instagram

Married life of Jose's son Bruno

Bruno is married to his wife, Ana Pinho. The couple has been married since 2015 and has two beautiful daughters together. 

Bruno's daughters' name is Matilde and Goncalo Fernandes. 

Bruno and Ana have known each other since their teen days and had dated for a very long time before tying the knot.

Jose Fernandes time with Bruno Fernandes and granddaughter
Jose Fernandes time with Bruno Fernandes and granddaughter Source: Twitter

Age and Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Jose are unknown; however, his son Bruno has a net worth of $11.6 Million.

His source of income is football.

Bruno set a new European record

Bruno is quite often appreciated for his performance in Manchester United, and he has won player of the month back to back on the club. 

He is one of the finest midfielders in the world. But many people don’t know how good he was in his past. 

In the 2018/19 season, when he was at his previous club Sporting Lisbon, he was a beast. 

Despite being a midfielder, Bruno scored 32 goals in 53 total games. Also, he had 18 assists in his name. 

He was at his best as he made a new European record by scoring the highest among the midfielders ever in the history of football. 

The position was held by Brazilian player Alex in the past. He broke the record after almost seven years.

Bruno was a defender

As a child, Bruno always played as a defensive player. 

He himself didn’t know that he was ever going to be playing in a midfielder position or attacking position. 

But when he was 15, everything changed for him. He was sent to Pasteleira from Boavista as a loaned player. 

In that club, they didn’t have a number 10 player, so they had to make the whole team attack

To do so, Bruno was kept as a midfielder for attacking in the match. His performance after that was beyond appreciation. 

He started scoring goal after goal and making brilliant game plays. 

He trained without any hesitation, even after training to improve his free kicks and shootings.

Bruno didn’t move to Switzerland due to football

Bruno plays for the Portugal national team, and the Portuguese are very lucky to have him. 

But he could have played for Switzerland instead if he hadn’t stopped his father from moving to Switzerland.

Bruno’s family was not financially stable, so to improve their life, his father planned to move his whole family to Switzerland as the country was very good for immigrants. 

But Bruno, on the other hand, knows that football in Switzerland was not as developed as in Portugal.

He hence insisted his father live in Portugal. Bruno was resilient about his decision, so his father had to stay in Portugal.

Fortunately, it turned out very well for Bruno as his bright destiny started after that, and he is one of the best now.

Bruno is connected to number 8

Bruno’s father was once a football player, too, but he was not brilliant enough to make it so far. 

So he had to differ his path. But when he was a player, he used to wear the number 8 jersey. 

Inspired by his father, Bruno also wore the number 8 jersey since his football career. 

He certainly wanted to shout out to his father. He had never changed his jersey number from 8 until his time at Manchester United.

Number 8 was already taken into the club by Mata, so he was left with number 18. 

But after Mata left, Bruno was back to number 8. Not just the jersey, but he also has the number 8 tattooed, and his birthday is also on the 8 of September

So it really shows how much the number 8 means to the player.

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