Who Is Josefina Alfaro? Stunning Daughter Of Gustavo Alfaro

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Who Is Josefina Alfaro? Stunning Daughter Of Gustavo Alfaro

Josefina Alfaro is the daughter of Gustavo Alfaro, a former Argentine footballer and currently the manager of the national team of Ecuador

She has a sister, Augustina Alfaro.

Josefina Alfaro with her dad, Gustavo Alfaro
Josefina Alfaro with her dad, Gustavo Alfaro. Source: Facebook

Married Life Of Gustavo

Gustavo is happily married to Daniela Pignolo. They tied the knot 25 years back, and they are still together. 

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The couple is proud parents to their two beautiful daughters. 

Parents of Josefina Alfaro.
Parents of Josefina Alfaro. Source: Facebook


Josefina might be in her mid-20s.

Net Worth

Josefina's father's net worth is estimated to be $5 to $10 million

Family of Josefina Alfaro.
Family of Josefina Alfaro. Source: Facebook

Gustav Talked About How He Was Preparing For World Cup 2022

Gustav discussed the preplanning of the team for Qatar. 

He said he had already talked with the coaching staff, psychologist, and medical staff about how they were going to observe and train the players for the World cup. 

He revealed that he was going to list 35 players to represent the nation in World Cup. 

He would shortlist those players that will be in the best shape and form. 

He said it was important that the players should be physically fit to play and arrive for training. 

He added that he would provide them with work plans and talk with the technical bodies. 

He said he was going to evaluate the arrival of all the players and analyze their soccer points. 

He said that players were playing in their clubs, and he was traveling to Mexico and Europe to talk to their coaches and see their matches and training sessions closely to observe which form there were in.

Gustavo Spoke About The Match Against Japan

He said the match with Japan was like a friendly match and training session. 

He said that the team was very competitive and focused on winning. 

He was aware of their coordination and expression. He said that he was aware of which side his team must pay attention to. 

He said they played well much later in the game. He said at some point, they were able to put pressure on the Japanese team.

He said the second half was very quick, and they played well, and his team tried their best to stop balls and defend them. 

He said as a whole, the game was a good rehearsal match for both teams. 

He said that the Japan team is very well-balanced and is clear with its ideas and strategy. 

He said both teams learned about their weakness and errors from that match. 

Gustavo Had A Hard Time Watching His Mother Battling Cancer

He said he was just nine years old when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

He shared that the day was just like a normal day. 

His mother came to him and sang a song to wake him up and gave him warm milk and breakfast, and suddenly she fell to the floor. 

At that time, there was no phone or emergency helpline. 

He was with his older sister, and they called the lady who was living downstairs, and they took her to the hospital. 

He said after many chemotherapy and radiation, she was very weak. 

He was at primary school at that time. He got emotional talking about his mother.  

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